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IN-Call Yes another Hailey @ NG review

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Tiger Woods

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Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 740
This is one is a few weeks old. Been too busy with legal fees to post so a swift speedy review is necessary. You have all read many of her assenting reviews so here to tell you all pooners that I am also a Hailey fan.

Pretty, shy but not in the sack she is a lean mean fucking machine. All her reviews are right on the button. Zealous DFK, mind-blowing BBBJDT, Multiple Positions, BL, Greek all had in a magnificent hour. A repeat in the works and a highly recommendation to those that have not had the pleasure on being inside this devilish young lady.

See I didn't bore you much so move on boys.


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Joined Apr 30, 2010
Messages 356
Has there ever been a sup-par review of Hailey. She must lead in the all positive reviews category.

Senor Gomes

Welcome to the club Tiger, seen her a couple of times but didn't bother reviewing my last 2 appointments.


Tiger you got to slow down think of the $750 mil you have to pay your ex. :neutral:


Joined Dec 6, 2009
Messages 531
Sounds delicious. Now on the TDL . . . actually has been on the TDL and keeps moving up.



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Joined Jan 28, 2010
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Beenthere123 said:
Tiger you got to slow down think of the $750 mil you have to pay your ex. :neutral:

At least he has better taste now than the ugly stripper and porn star bitch he was caught doing. :eek:uch:
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