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Yelling at a woman is apparently a crime

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I was at work yesterday and a woman came into the establishment I was calling upon for my sales presentation.

She asked for the whereabouts of the owner. I told her she could wait with me because, I too, was waiting to speak with the owner. I asked her why she wanted to talk to the owner and she proclaimed that a man had 'accosted' her in the parking lot and she wanted to call the police. So, I tried to clarified what happened to her because she was upset and looked like she was going to cry. She explained that a young man had yelled at her in the parking lot and that she felt 'scared'. So, she wanted to use the phone to call the police.


The next question I asked her is:

Given that you feel scared and want to call the police because a man raised his voice toward you, how do you feel about women entering the miltiary to fight in war zones?

She looked at me and her face became very embarassed. She knew what I was saying to her. She stood there for about 10 seconds and then walked out. I asked her if she still wanted to wait to speak to the owner but she still left and didn't say anything else.

Nowadays, yelling at a woman is reason enough to call the police.


Maurice Boscorelli

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Well based on your story we do not actually know what the man yelled at her.

If it was a threat then she should make that call. Better to to be safe than sorry as they say.

As for women fighting in the military. I'm sure there are some that would welcome the challenge and excel at it. But I'm sure the majority would be better suited serving their country in some other capacity.


Joined May 2, 2016
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Threats are against the law. We Also have no clue how he behaved was he invading her space while yelling? These are all important question. I doubt anything of that nature was done because she did leave and she got your food for thought instead of standing her ground. but still is a possibility

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