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Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
Live in a place where you get no sex, love, money and opportunity.

instead all you get is oppression, violence, racism, slander from races which think they are better than you, and lie about your sexuality and physical attributes, as well as other things which set off bombs in other countries?

Most, especially the people who frequent this website would say No I'd imagine!

Hey it is just an anonymous guy on a canada escort board. I've come to realise this nation is one of the most flawed, violent and least accepting places in the world. Adios "Amigos", just giving my TWO CENTS WORTH before catching that flight to bliss:pEACE::bangbang::666:

P.S. Always Love Life, if you don't Love it, you're living it Lonely and in the wrong place/setting/state of mind. and Know that 5startastetester woke up with some hard morning wood!


That descriptions sounds like a certain red board actually... or a blue board designed for Asians... But yeah, it describes the regular blue board too! On that note, what colour is Caerf?
Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
this is my only board membership.

all hotties aboard my member so we can make motion in the ocean ship in the ocean! :bad:
Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
What's your point about no sex :don'twantto-see:/

Best to live where you can get it and are desired for it. That's the point!

Youth is only once, can't be wasted in hatefilled racist places.

Btw, not flying to Mexico. I just liked the way "Adios Amigos" Sounds!
Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171

yeah same here, time to take this ass somewhere tropical in my speedo.

Lot of ladies think I'm an island.exotic guy for some reason ahaha, might just do better there where the sun shines bright in all ways possible! :-Cool/"
Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
Then what else is there to do?.

Live where you Love, not where you Hated.

What else is there to do really?

Hello Miss Flight Attendant, you're looking rather beautiful. Care to Book Me a Ticket to the Land of Love and Spice ASAP? I know it's gonna be one hell of a fun life over there! :-Cool/"
Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
Hello miss flight attendant. This guy is asking if you want to be one of the wives.

But don't answer to him, just give a man what he needs.

a 1 way ticket to a Hot Hot Hot Flavourful Place

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