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Would you tell your partner how may sexual partners you've had?

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Hey I know justin too, justin time! (but I prefer to be a little early actually):kiss:


Starting at the letter A! Screw it, there's too many in just that letter!

It would be easier to tell her who I haven't had!:great:

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If a relationship is about to 'go mono' I always have a disclosure chat. I mention the last time I was tested, fully disclose anything after that, and will outline my sexual history in broad strokes before that. There's such a thing as being 'too honest' like bragging or doing play by plays, or droning on and on, or mentioning the odd helping hand at a SC... But I think 'fundamental honesty' is important, especially if you're about to go monogamous, and the condom is about to start coming off for sex.

I know I want to know...


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I'd rather know how many STD's my new partner has had . Better indication of level of discretion or just plain luck . As for number of partners just fall in love with someone who has had at least a hundred that way you know it was mainly just sex and filed in the history archives if they can remember these fucks at all .

It's so much easier being understanding when you have also fucked a boat or maybe ship load as well :happy: . You know from experience they were just a fuck and no interest in seeing them again . No reflection on them as people but it is what it is . Fucking someone and actually liking can be miles apart .

james t kirk

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I actually get turned on hearing about my GF's previous sexual experiences. Including the so called gory details.

I don't feel threatened by it to tell you the truth.
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