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Wondering about Studio 409 girls?

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I am an SP guy and usually dont go to MPs anymore but I will be working right beside Studio 409 for the month of April, and unable to get to my favourite SPs for a little while. I wonder if there are any hot girls there that give good service. If you have any recommendations please PM me with details.




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I've heard some good things about this place although I have not had the chance myself HW. Chantel and Vanessa look absolutely stunning! If you do partake I would love to read your review. Happy hunting HW!


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emotional intelligence said:
I've heard mixed things about 409. Milege seems to vary a bit too much. If in the dufferin/sheppard area, for eye candy and stellar milege, you're problably better off heading over to

EI is correct much better find.


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kissmyass said:
EI is correct much better find.

agreed. TP is a better more stable choice.

however, I did sample Nina at 409 and while she wasn't high mileage, she was def. fun.

I've also heard that Valerie is one in the same as Heather from PA.
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