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womens OLYMPIC hockey

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okay im all for equal opportunity.
but i watched part of the USA/CHINA womens hockey today. and if you were to watch it you cant tell that this should be an olympic sport. the godamn sport is so new, its like watching toddlers play, they can barely fucking skate.
these are supposed to be elite athletes. there is absolutely NO competition, canada will obviously win. its atrocious.
im not saying it should never be an olympic sport, but not now, its in its infancy.


Feel better hooper? What was final score 18-0 like Canada won yesterday?


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I only sleep with woman, but only watch male played sports and proud of it!!!


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iceman_dci said:
next time you're in the mood to take in a game, pay the $10 for an OHL game instead of mortgaging your house to go see the Leafs. The game is fast and just as exciting.

Just my .02

I do it all the time and the kids get a kick of it.


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Are most women Hockey players from the other side. You know, not straight.
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