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Why some providers only see men over 30?

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randygirl said:
Just an afterthought here:

Very good points you have brought up but I think the communication thing goes both ways.

I lean heavily toward seeing independent SPs because I also have the opportunity to also guage what they are about through e-mail. Because I prefer longer sessions and a chance of some intellectual stimulation to go along with the obvious, I like to start to buld a rapport before the actual encounter. If the lady shows some soul and wit in her writing, I become far more interested. In my recent experience, some of the ladies with whom I have connected have been relatively young, but incredibly bright, articulate, perceptive and witty. For me, all of those qualities are bunuses which make for a much more interesting experience and I don't think their age enters into it. Aretha Frankln summed it up one great song didn't she. R E S P E C T.

PS. I'm way over 30 so I have other things to worry about!:lol:
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