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Why Men Go To Prostitutes, A New Study

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I just had to post this here:

This is a London England study and pertains to London's demographics. Would be interesting to have a Toronto study of this sort.

Original Article

Research Paper

Study by:
"Two agencies collaborated in producing this research report.
Eaves runs the POPPY Project, providing accommodation and support to women trafficked into the UK for the purposes of exploitation through prostitution and domestic servitude. The POPPY Project is an internationally recognised model of good practice in supporting women who have been trafficked into prostitution to exit the sex industry."
Prostitution Research & Education (PRE) is a US non-governmental non-profit organisation which has since 1995 researched and documented the harms resulting from prostitution and trafficking and explored alternatives to prostitution. PRE offers educational materials and resources on its widely-used website ( PRE is formally affiliated with the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology and with the Center for World Indigenous Studies"

A survey of 103 men in London, England, who frequently sought the services of prostitutes were questioned about their experiences, attitudes, awareness of the sex industry, and deterrents to seeking prostitutes. The study was a collaborative effort between Eaves, a feminist organization that works to curb demand for commercial sex; and Prostitution Research & Education, an educational nonprofit in San Francisco that researches and documents the dangers of prostitution and sex trafficking.

The survey conducted in London was part of a larger international research project that interviewed 700 men to discover why males buy sex. The project covered six countries. The men surveyed in England ranged in age from 18 to 70 and were primarily white, black, Asian, and eastern European. Most of them were employed and had continued their education past high school. More than half were either married or in a relationship with a women. Thirty-five percent reported no religious affiliation, 33 percent said they were Christian, 13 percent had an unspecified religious affiliation, and the remainder were Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, or Spiritualist.

When asked how many prostitutes they had ever paid for, 15 was the number most often mentioned, although the numbers ranged from 1 to 2,000. Twelve percent of the men had gone to more than 130 prostitutes, and 65 percent believed that “most men” go to prostitutes occasionally. Even though many of these men sought the services of prostitutes quite often, 71 percent of them said they experienced some degree of shame, guilt, or negative feelings about paying for sex.

Men seek prostitutes for a variety of reasons. The most common reason named was to satisfy an immediate sexual urge or for pleasure (32%), followed by a need for variety (21%), not having their needs met in their current relationship (20%), convenience (15%), the thrill (8%), and an addiction or compulsion (3%).

The men said they would be easily deterred from seeking prostitutes if the current laws were enforced. Most of the men said that fines, public exposure, employers being told of their activities, the risk of a criminal record, and being given an ASBO (antisocial behavior order, which means an individual’s activities can be made known publicly) would stop them from continuing to pay for prostitutes. Learning that women were trafficked, pimped, or otherwise coerced would not be so effective.

The Internet was used to locate women in prostitution by 27 percent of the men. The sexual activities occurred most often in brothels (60%) or private flats (55%), massage parlors (47%), escort agencies (33%), and saunas (27%). When asked about their attitudes about prostitution, most of the men believed that prostitutes are “un-rape-able,” and 16 percent said they would rape a woman if they could be sure they would not get caught. Based on the men’s responses to questions about the rights of prostitutes, the researchers found that many of the men believe that the women they buy have no rights in the interaction.

Forty-eight percent of the men said they believed that most women in prostitution are victims of pimps. More than half (55%) said they believed that most prostitutes have been trafficked, tricked, or lured. Yet despite their awareness of coercion and trafficking, only five of the 103 men reported their suspicions to the police.

The authors of this study hope that the information they have uncovered will alert the public and policy makers about the need to address sex trafficking and the prostitution trade. Men’s acceptance of prostitution is an attitude that encourages and justifies violence against women, as well as the fact that many of the men believe they are entitled to sexual access to women and that prostitutes have no rights. This research may ultimately help with the development of prostitution and trafficking prevention programs.

Farley M et al. “Men Who Buy Sex.” December 2009
The Guardian, Jan. 15, 2010


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Excerpt from Paper:

4. Results

Table 1 – Selected comments about prostitution by London men who buy sex

It’s like renting a girlfriend or wife. You get to choose like a catalogue.”
“I feel sorry for these girls but this is what I want.”
“No big deal, it’s just like getting a beer.”
“I like it if it’d be super expensive…she comes in, nothing said and she is instantly very sexual, a sexual creature.”
“My favourite experience in prostitution was when she was totally submissive.”
“I don’t like the ones that make no secret of it being a job. I like customer care. They try to finish quickly but I want to take a little bit of time.”
“I have sex as a means to an end to meet my sexual needs… It’s a financial transaction.”
“I found her on and she looked at me with the look of a puppy dog in the Christmas window.”
“Look, men pay for women because he can have whatever and whoever he wants. Lots of men go to prostitutes so they can do things to them that real women would not put up with.
“If you go to the wrong one, you might as well be in a morgue, there’s a slab of flesh there.”
“We’re living in the age of instant coffee, instant food. This is instant sex.”
“Prostitution is a last resort to unfulfilled sexual desires. Rape would be less safe, or if you’re forced to hurt someone or if you’re so frustrated you jack off all day.”
“Prostitution is being able to do what you want without the taxation.”
”It’s no strings attached sex, no bother about buying gifts, it’s a one off financial commitment.”
“It should be legalised over here. This is the way God created us. It is being human. If you don’t have a partner then you have to go to a prostitute.”
“It’s unfulfilling, there’s no reward. It’s empty. It’s terrible. You come out feeling even more empty and unloved. You will likely feel quite empty afterwards, as if you have been used.”
“Prostitution is like being able to masturbate without doing any of the work.”
“You pay for the convenience, a bit like going to a public loo.”
“I hugely recommend it but be sure you know there’s a threshold you’ll be crossing. Prostitution is naturally questionable, whether it’s to yourself or to society.”

4.1 Sample demographics
4.1 Age
able 2
Age 18-29 30% (n=31)
Age 30-40 36% (n=37)
Age 41-70 33% (n=34)

The average age of the 103 research participants was 38, with a range of 18 to 70.
These age ranges are consistent with other studies of men who buy sex. McKeganey (1994) interviewed 70 men in Glasgow, whose average age was 37 years, ranging from age 23 to 61. Busch, Bell and colleagues (2002) interviewed 1,342 buyers arrested for solicitation of prostitution in the Western United States whose average age was 39, ranging from 18 to 84 years.


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When asked how many prostitutes they had ever paid for, 15 was the number most often mentioned, although the numbers ranged from 1 to 2,000. Twelve percent of

Talking about Demien2k5


Why Men Go To Prostitutes

Why Men Go To Prostitutes

The simple answer... because they can! :roll:

Simple a case of supply and demand... if the demand is there, low and behold, the supply finds a way.


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Ok, here's the findings of my report.


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