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Which movie was the worst movie you have seen?

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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Final Destination 4 was the worst movie I have ever seen. It was just wasting time.

What was the worst movie you have seen?


Perfect Storm with George Clowney.
Was dragged to the theatre by a lady who insisted we see it.
I dumped her after leaving the theatre. Anyone whose taste was that bad was not worth going out with. Guess I am picky afterall.


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Armored ... Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, just terrible.


ralp said:
Dune, the one with Sting.
Yes, that one was really bad!

I'd have to say Napoleon Dynamite.... dumb, dumb, dumb! (I don't get why kids flocked to see that one in droves!)


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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the dharma said:
Anything back in the 80's with chevy chase in it! :???:

Anything that has Ben Afflick, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Jean Claude Van Dam (except Bloodsport), Steven Segal, any of those girl "actors".

I have seen a lot of bad ones...

When I was a we lad few friends and I went to see Street the theatre!

I wish I did not...I wish I invested that money and could have probably used it on an SP/MPA by now for sure..many. lol.

Knight Rider

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Breakfast of Champions (1999) - Bruce Willis and Nick Nolte

It was so bad that I did not stay until the end.


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Knight Rider said:
Breakfast of Champions (1999) - Bruce Willis and Nick Nolte

It was so bad that I did not stay until the end.

Where you looking at your watch every 5 minutes after the first half hour?.

Mine, All of Madona's movies.


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Yeah, Dune was pretty bad. They tried to do too much in too short of a time. That was before multi-sequels so if they had spread it out over a few movies, would have been a LOT better.

I and a few friends all read the book so when the movie came out around christmas, I gave everyone gift certificates so we could all go together with our GFs etc. I think it was christmas day evening so we all piled into a couple of cars and went to see it. I felt REALLY bad after we got out because the movie was SO bad.

For the record, I have learned that if you are in a theatre and want to leave (within reason of course) you can demand your money back and the theatre is bound to return it. I mean, if you leave during the closing credits I don't think they'll honor it but if you leave halfway through? They'll give you your money back.

You know, the critics said Gigli was so bad but I watched it and I tell you, there have been a LOT worse movies than that.

Mall rats was pretty bad for the acting. I hated that so many thought yelling was 'showing emotion'....

a 1 player

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oddball said:
Hudson Hawk.
Funny thing, I actually liked Hudson Hawk.

Worst movie for me... PRECIOUS. It would have been less painful for me to lock myself in the bathroom and punch myself in the face.


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Yeah, hudson hawl was so lame it was good.....had some great lines....but I've got a thing for sandra me weird.......

The Options Menu

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oddball said:
Oops almost forgot Joel Schumacher's attempt to kill a franchise with Batman Forever...yikes.

Agreed! The Cloone as Batman just was totally wrong! :roll: (But he wasn't the WORST Batman in recent years... THAT distinction still belongs to Val Kilmer... One of the worst miscast characters of all time IMHO...)
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