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Where you the Bully or being Bullied at School

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Lauren Summerhill

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SillyGirl said:
I wasn't suggesting that kids with depression should be told to shake it off and wait for life to get better. I was just saying that it's difficult for young people to comprehend that life goes through good and bad times, and that neither lasts forever.

And there's no need to lecture me about what depression feels like, I live it.

I hear you. It wasn't meant as a criticism or lecture, merely additional thoughts sparked by your post.

Reading it, I remembered people telling me that it would go away with time, and it would make me a stronger person - and none of that helped. What did help was finding a real friend that would be there through the hard times and the good. Not to suggest encouragement and talk of hope are worthless, I'm sure it registered somewhere subconsciously and helped me work toward a future I could be proud of.

I think nearly every person can understand depression - some more dark and horrible then others. However, once you're standing in shadow, there's no point in trying to see which is darker.

Might I suggest some good reading on the topic? Not in the name of education, but just good reading:

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
by Joanne Greenberg

She writes about her experience and struggle, and puts words to experiences most have trouble expressing. It's a daunting read.

Borey the Bald

Have to agree with hammer, I want to join the I love Lauren club but must include sillygirl :razz:. Both ladies are making the lobby a fun place to hang out.


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I was never one to be bullied. I remember in grade 5 one kid tried, told me he was going to wait for me outside, I just smiled at him and said "good, finally some fun". Kid never showed up and never looked my way again. It was all in the attitude, and still is, if you look like an easy mark people will try and take advantage.


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SillyGirl said:
Curious, I think we're all still that elementary kid at heart. We learn to hide it, but it's still there.
I suppose you are right Sillygirl. You are kinda wonderful, have you been told that lately?


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I also have zero tolerance for bullies and abuse.

I never was bullied nor bullied others. It was all about having fun and gaining and in turn giving respect to your matter what age...and yes even the those labeled bad seeds. I was in with all crowds and never had, nor caused any problems. I protected/stop a lot of bulling however. What is wrong with us kids.
Now we have UFC.
That is the best bullying around...sign me up.


Rayden said:
It was all in the attitude, and still is, if you look like an easy mark people will try and take advantage.

I think that's a big part of it.

Tgirl Nikki

Wow, this is a strange subject to think about at 3:30 in the morning...

I bullied my younger brothers from time to time, but that was more in the context of sibling rivalry. I sometimes bully people intellectually, by intentionally speaking over their head, and using jargon they're unfamiliar with. I still do it more than I'd like, so I've acknowledged it and tried to work on it. But in school, I actually spent more time bullying the bullies.

One of my brothers is developmentally disabled (Asperger's) and he had a miserable experience in school. For most of my school years, I was looking out for him, and threatening kids who ridiculed and abused him. Sometimes it would turn into a fight; I won some, lost some, but no matter what the outcome, he'd stop picking on my brother. I didn't need to kick his ass to stop him; I just had to show him that the costs of abusing my brother were much higher than the rewards.

Bruises and cuts heal pretty fast, especially when you're a kid; psychological wounds can scar you for a lifetime.


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I was always the school athlete so I never experienced any bullying myself. As you Nikki, I bullied the hell out of my little brother, which is the duty of an older brother. That changed in high school, when he surpassed me by about 40 lbs.:razz:


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I was never bullied, although I was once swarmed but I walked away with only minor bruises. It was my fault for taking a short cut through a lane way that was known to have shit disturbers loitering around.
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