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When SPs have sex too much, will their hole become bigger?

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lol maybe a bit but I dont think it makes too much of difference

emotional intelligence

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Put it this way, w/ popular sp's, eventually you're gonna have to start strapping on your favorite pair of Nike's for xtra traction to keep you from falling in. :)


El Fantasma said:
When SPs have sex too much, will their hole become bigger?

Just curious about it

Its the inverse formula to the size of the hole in a man's head.

The less he uses his brains the bigger the hole in his head gets.


If and when that happens... Time to explore the greek islands! :eek: :mrgreen:

Hee hee....


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It's a myth.
There are muscles down there that get stronger and tighter if she knows how to work her body.


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Its called Keigels :p do them regularly and you will not have that problem, however for a man that hobbys often I've heard their dick shrivels up and falls off. Any truth to that boys? ;)


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KayleighCarter said:
Its called Keigels :p do them regularly and you will not have that problem, however for a man that hobbys often I've heard their dick shrivels up and falls off. Any truth to that boys? ;)

:lol: :lol: That was hilarious sexy!!!!


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Here are some for and against statments:

A Lot of Sex and 'Loose' Vaginas

Yes, your vagina can become loose, if you have frequent sex with "large" men. Generally speaking, your vagina will adapt to the size of your partners member and if you have frequent sex with large or larger than average men, then your vagina will adapt to their size. For example, the vagina of a 30 year old woman who is sexually active is probably not gonna be as tight as a 17 year old virgin.

Other Contributors say:

  • The same applies for anal sex, frequent anal sex will loosen the muscles of the anus and make it easier to penetrate.
  • It probably will become looser, depending on how frequently you have intercourse, but there is a chance that it will most likely become tight if you stop for a little while. How long, it depends on the person.
  • It won't become "loose" as in flappy-loose. Sex may feel a little more comfortable, since your body is used to it, but don't worry about your vagina becoming "loose". The vagina is quite flexible, and is always repairing and cleaning itself, so it will always be "tight".
  • of course!!! having sex alot will definately make you become loose because if your partners are bigger than you, it will adapt to their size.But if you stop having sex for a while, it may reduce to being tight again.
  • I think all of you sound a little misguided. Yes, in some instances your vagina can become loose (child birth) but not usually. Having sex should actually tighten your vagina unless your letting someone TOO big stretch you out. When you have sex you should tighten your vaginal muscles, like you are holding in pee. This will exercise those (kegal) muscles, tightening them. Also it will make your vagina feel tighter to the man your with. I have been told that I have great control of those muscles and men love it. Also I have been with the same one man for four years. He is rather large and I have never "loosened" up. My vagina is the same size as when we got together, but during sex it loosens up for a little while then it goes back to normal a little later. You should also look into kegal exercises, it tightens your vaginal muscles without the sex.
  • There are muscles in your vagina just like the rest of your body, if you don't exercise them they will get flabby and soft just like the rest of your body. When you hold your pee you are using your vaginal muscles. If you act like you are holding your pee when you don't have to pee you are exercising your vaginal muscles. Just do it like any other exercise you hold and release. Don't over do it, you can make it so tight sex is uncomfortable. Also if you tighten during sex your partner can feel it, it feels tight and they like it. That is one reason men like anal sex, it is tighter.
  • The Vagina will become loose after a lot of sex?! That is not @ all true! Me and my husband have sex almost every day some times 2,3 times. We have been together for 5 years. His Penis Is very large, Sometimes it rips me a little just trying to get it in, sometimes we cant get it in, lol Anyway, I am not loose at all and we've had sex like 25349 million times. Its actually really really tight.....strange....


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I wonder if there has been a research study on this...

I think i should set one up...have a large sample size of beautiful women..and I will be the only male.
It probably would introduce a lot of bias' though,

it is the in the name of science though...and for El fantasma who I will credit in my acknowledgements.
Get ready Nature here I come.

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