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Worked till after midnight and now can't unwind to get to sleep so having a Corona and making toasted tomato sandwiches.

Drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on the tomato and grate some cheddar on top as well as the usual black pepper etc.

a 1 player

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Bad, bad me at the moment.

Slice of pepperoni pizza and a 'Compliments' cola with a splash of Jim Beam.


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Watching the game last night and the host made these miniature burgers (sliders) on these toasted miniature burger buns . Usual cheese, tomato , with mayo dressing and were they good . Chased with 4 or 5 Stella's and all that remained to male for a perfect evening was Kane scoring in overtime .

Back to lean chicken for the rest of the week.


Got a homemade club sammich (w/ ham, turkey, roast beef, romaine lettuce, 2 slices of tomato and a thin schmear of light mayo on a whole wheat bun), some carrots and a banana for lunch w/ a tall glass of white milk... :mrgreen: (It does the body good dontcha know...)


Lucas_dude said:
Eating my gf's pussy and drank her love juice so had to skip breakfast.
That was my midnight snack!

(Well not your GF's, but Mrs. CG's... aw fuck it- you know what I mean!) :roll:

Maurice Boscorelli

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Two grilled chicken breasts

One large green salad.

One tablespoon flaxseed oil in with the salad.

Two glasses water.


Had CG's wifey for Lunch, just don't tell him.


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Baked Brie and cranberries, on toasted baguette. I think this is one of my favorite things in the world. I had a lime beer with my meal, and it was SO good.


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Currently: Drinking 12 Faxe tall boys and having Breakfast for dinner.

Peameal bacon, scrambled eggs with hot sauce and cheese, toast and some sliced potatoes burnt to shit!

And for desert....


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For dessert.


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