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What Type of Women's Clothing Turns you on the most?

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Joined Jan 7, 2010
Messages 1,072
I like very tall busty women who wear short tight dresses and sexy high heels.

I also like skinny girls who are tall with long slender legs who wear sexy high heels.

I love it when a tall girl wears sexy heels and bends over in front of me and I eat her out.

Joined Jan 7, 2010
Messages 1,072
Just once I'd like an 18 yr old, tall babe with long sexy legs who wears sexy heels to dominate me. :whip:

I have a major fetish for a young sexy girl to dress sexy and dominate me in a very sexy way. :good::good:

The hotter they are the more I'd CUM. :biggrin2:

The younger the better too.. Ladies I need a good shit kicking. :good:

Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
Kinky stuffs.depends on her bodytype, and our mutual interests with the kinks.also depends where I take her shopping! *bigsmileywinkeyeface*


Joined Jun 29, 2010
Messages 10,860
Anything that they're not wearing. It all looks good piled up on my bedroom floor. :biggrin2:

I like different things at different times. Sometimes I like casual and sporty....other times I like the fancy lingerie and evening gowns. Generally though, whatever shows off the legs and derriere is good for me.
Joined Apr 16, 2015
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Joined May 4, 2012
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No surprise to any of the readers of my reviews, I prefer the kinkier outfits, black/shiny outfits, pleather/wet look, leather/latex/pvc. Other colors are good too, black in the best. Also cosplay of all kinds, but definitely prefer the bad girls/villains to the heroines.
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