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What is your 10 most important events in your hobbying career?

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Joined Dec 17, 2009
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1) Being privy to (and facilitating) endless unique and exciting erotic adventures.
2) The fact that my first call was with a queer man - interesting story!
3) Putting powerful men in (consensually) vulnerable positions.
4) A perfect date that involved me in drag, packing a cock, getting a lot of talented oral attention.
5) The diverse ladies I've done calls with and/or spent time with in the industry.
6) Being told, breathless, by an experienced man that I did him in the bum better than anyone else ever had.
7) One extra special, luxurious, shoe-centred afternoon at the Windsor Arms.
8) Getting COVERED in girl squirt after having fucked a duo partner in front of our pleased suitor, who was tied to his chair.
9) Affirming people's desires by offering a safe space to play, and being a willing partner to engage with.
10) Gaining insight into the incredible diversity that exists in what gets people hot.
11) Knowing I've made a career choice that suits me very, very well. Damn I love my job!

Senor Gomes

_ _ said:
Without straight up stealing 3's (although hers are awesome); here are mine. No way I could trim down my awesome memories to only 10.

1. Videotaping activities and seeing 3 get worked into a frenzy watching later.
2. Spending quality time outside of appointments with wonderful people.
3. Coming out of a mid-session shower to see 3 and Mercedes locked in a 69.
4. The astonished reaction from some of the ladies on the standing (or vertical) 69.
5. First session of Greek ever with Original Raven.
6. Watching 3 swap the shot on goal with a hot young thing.
7. Kaite asking for it harder, even after I feel I am jumping off 3rd rope.
8. Being asked “why you still hard, you want to go again?” by Mimi of Sassy’s.
9. Pulling out of 3’s pussy and directly into a waiting hottie’s mouth.
10. 3 using double-headed dildo while I go from her to ‘our guest’ getting DT from each one.
11. Anytime 3 is sharing jr.
12. Any occasion to make an SP sandwich with 3.
13. Tying up a certain young lady and having my way with her.
14. All the role playing sessions with Samara.
15. Blasting an SOG all over sweet Samara’s glasses.
All these thanks to 3. She is beyond awesome!

7th inning stretch bump.

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