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What does your hobby say about you?

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I got home from work around 6:45 p.m. Did some dishes, washed my laundry, started my dinner and then I sat down and started watching YT videos of sexy Asian girls dancing.

That is my hobby - watching sexy asian girls dancing.

Question: What does my hobby say about me?

Answer this question and then post details about your hobby. The next member who posts will tell us what the previous member's hobby says about them and so on.



My hobby says about me: I like getting naked with beautiful women. What hobby says about previous poster (original poster): He can't connect with women.


My hobby is dogs, I walk them, hang out with them, read about them, train them, rescue them, am an activist for their rights, and could be considered fanatical about them. But they make me happy and that's all that matters:) Hobby on, lol.
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