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What day, what time?

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Joined Jan 26, 2010
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Which day and what time of the day is your favorite for hobbying? I prefer early afternoon, weekdays.


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Joined Dec 19, 2009
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Time and day is not important to me, I have the extra funds I make the call.


Before noon or 1 pm this way I avoid burned out SP and no sloppy seconds.


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Joined Feb 1, 2010
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king21 said:
Weekday, early, almost always SP's first client of day, IMO, SP is at their best at this time.

Not fair Royalty always gets first crack at everything.


Joined Jan 7, 2010
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I am like King, I always ask to be first and try to book early. Day of the week, weekend doesn't make a difference, as long as I feel I am the first or second dick of the day.


I guess that's what I was getting at...first appt of the day ro me too as most of the SP's I see start around noon. I don't mind being the last on some of my repeats as they're not so inclined to watch the clock unless they have immediate plans afterwards.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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Since I hobby by the seat of my pants, basically when I can find the time to fit one in. If it is in a conveniant location and the lady has peeked my interest I go for it. No particular day or time although I do prefer being the first of the day too, but this can't always be the case.


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When I feel like it. I try to get in early afternoon but not to be the first of the day, but in case I have to double dip on a civilian girl in the evening.
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