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What attracts you?

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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Hello Every1

My first post here so go easy on me :D

Two versions of this question.


What attracts you physically when you are choosing your SP/MP?


What attracts you physically when you saw your client?

Personally first thing attracts me natural and big boobs.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
When choosing and SP, the only info I can see for myself are the website body pics in most cases, therefore the "spinner", athletic, lean body type is my attraction

Repeating with an SP: Personality, facial beauty, and of course accuracy of pics is my attraction


First thing I look its her ass! if she has nice big ass :D i am all for it


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Joined Apr 26, 2010
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1st- Face
2nd- Legs/Feet
3rd- Body; proportions are key. (I know 'em when I see 'em)
4th- Attitude/Personality


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Nothing attracts me until she gets fully naked and bend over front of me then i get all attracted!:lol:


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Joined Jan 31, 2010
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I like them slim and tight, but would not say no to athletic with a little curve in the right places. Facially pretty is important for me too.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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I like a nice round firm ass, a nice set of perky breast with gorgeous nipples. Throw in a pair of sexy thighs, nice lips and a pretty face and I'm good to go.
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