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Joined Aug 26, 2015
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Ok guys & girls I would like your opinion on this subject to see if you share the same opinions/views as me.

As topical as this may be given the 2 fatal stabbings there this weekend, what's your opinion of Wasaga Beach?

Here's mine. I was there last weekend and found it to be a huge sausage fest. Very trashy vibe (or am I just being a snob?) with groups of guys posing and swarming beach Area 1. I only saw a few attractive girls, but most were trashy (multiple tattoos) out of shape poorly dressed and classless (not like Arcadia beach in Odessa,Ukraine).

The place was also full of "new Canadians" who clearly were from the GTA (Brampton I suspect) who stuck out like sore thumbs, think Turbans and jeans on the beach.

Throw in some stereotypical Gino's, wannabe gangsters, thugs and assorted riff raff and you get the idea.

Now I'm not old enough to be there in the 70's and 80's but I have older friends who have told me it wasn't always like this. They said things have really gone downhill over the last 15 years or so. It used to be a lot of Caucasian biker groups and Italians with cabins. Very little trouble because the biker gangs would maintain order and there was no clash of cultures. Everybody enjoyed camping and classic Rock (no Hip Hop, Rap or Bhangra).

I wanted to see the area and women for my own eyes, thinking I have been missing something for the last few years, however, after experiencing it first hand I realized I haven't.

What do you think the future holds for Wasaga?. For me, I will be going to Sauble and Sandbanks from now on. I think Wasaga's golden years are behind it and the future looks bleak (crime, terrible ratio's and more and more trashiness)

Thanks for sharing any thoughts

Cheers - Chongqing
Joined May 12, 2016
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Canada has beaches??:shout: ahahahahah

Now I've seen some beaches before, but I don't think Canada would have much in terms of Beach scenery.

Take it from a guy who has been accused of Looking like a California Exotic Beach Bum one too many times :-Cool/"


I have to agree that Wasaga is a has been. Don't ever go there during long weekends, just not worth the traffic and aggravation. For the "babe alert" part, not what it used to be.


Grand Bend was the most popular beach way back when I was younger. What's it like now?


Senior Member
Joined Mar 1, 2011
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escapefromstress said:
Grand Bend was the most popular beach way back when I was younger. What's it like now?

They only have 2000+ residents but over 50,000 during the summer months so it must still be booming.


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Joined Apr 9, 2011
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Stabbings will happen anywhere and at anytime. My daughter has a small house in Wasaga and I never had issues with neighbors or visitors.


Joined Nov 13, 2012
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Muskoka is much better patrolled than Wasaga. Does it have to be that their houses are worth more?.


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Joined Sep 19, 2014
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Go check it out yourself in mid June-July. You won't be disappointed.

Odds of another shooting are minimal as they rely on tourism for most of their revenue. The police force will be very active there this summer.


Grand ben is phenomenal in late summer. Great exploration spot.
We went to wasaga two years ago and dont think we'll be back. Fairly underwhelming experience. The beach side shops were cool. Mostly seemed like teens getting trashed. Not very scenic either. Just another 'beach' to me.

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Joined May 17, 2016
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I prefer Grand Bend to any other "beaches". Good babe spot + nice places to eat nearby and good crowd.

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Joined Jun 29, 2010
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Every beach goes through cycles.

They're great when nobody knows about them......
then people share how great it is....
then come the booms with lots of idiots....
then the place goes downhill and people stop coming......
Then it gets cleaned up.....
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