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Victoria long weekend coming up. What you all doing?.

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Forget the solstice. Summer begins with the Victoria Day long weekend.
The May 24th holiday commemorates the birth of Queen Victoria on that date in 1819.

And while the day off has become known colloquially as two-four weekend, after the beer case of that size, Victoria would likely have been amused since she was believed to have enjoyed hoisting a few brewskis her royal self.

But in the current age, with its evolving work schedules, do people really still need a long weekend?

“Oh yes we do,” said Dr. Deborah McPhee, associate professor with Brock University’s Goodman School of Business. “People are so stretched out with work that it kind of rejuvenates people when they get to have this three-day weekend. And then the next treat is that you only have a four-day work week on the other side.”

McPhee, who conducts research on the work-life balance, particularly families involved in high-level hockey, said three-day weekends help ease the stress of travelling to children’s tournaments or other activities.

Despite the attention focused over the last few decades on work-life balance, the stresses on people continue to grow worse, she said.
Long stretches of working without breaks wears down employees, and that can impact morale negatively, she said.

“It does affect productivity in a lot of ways,” McPhee said. “Employees just get tired out ... I’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the office that had this weekend coming up ... for them not to be elated that it’s coming.”

Research suggests that a four-day week can be as productive as the regular five-day week, she said.
Staff tend to focus more on getting their work done and return after a long weekend motivated and energized, she said.

Dr. Oren Amitay, a Toronto registered psychologist and Ryerson University lecturer, said long weekends are relished by many who find it a needed break, but they can exert another kind of strain.

“It’s what people do with that day that kind of can mess things up,” Amitay said. “A lot of people unfortunately, just through lack of communication or lack of being able to express their needs properly, they find that the long weekend... can almost be a burden.”

Trying to recapture the youthful abandon of a remembered summer long weekend could be a futile exercise, he said.
Failing to achieve the perfect family day experience can also lead to disappointment, he said.

And then there are those couples with sharply diverging ideas of what a long weekend should be – joining the throng at Centre Island versus lounging in a Muskoka chair, Amitay said.
“It just becomes another kind of work day, just a different kind of work,” he said. “When you’re younger a long weekend means something much different than when you’re older. So they can even resent the life that they’re in. Going to the cottage with the family can be a lot different than going with a bunch of buddies.”

Amitay’s advice? Plan it out realistically, have contingency plans and make sure to involve other members of your family to avoid long weekend letdown.

Canadians Favourite Holidays Ranked

9. Remembrance Day (not a stat holiday)
8. New Year’s Day
7. Family Day
6. Easter
5. Victoria Day
4. Thanksgiving
3. Halloween (not a stat holiday)
2. Canada Day
1. Christmas

(Source: Statistics Canada poll, 2009-13)

A long weekend can bring pain or gain to businesses, but mostly pain.

Plamen Petkov, vice president of the Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), said consumers on a day off tend to spend and travel more, a boost to the hospitality, restaurant and travel businesses.

“But I think for the majority of businesses in other sectors of the economy, usually statutory holidays are related to increased costs — business costs and labour costs,” Petkov said. “You still have to pay your employees even if you shut down Monday.

“If you’re open on Monday, you have to usually pay them higher wages.”

Some businesses that normally would close on Monday feel forced to open their doors to keep up with competitors, he said.
The most recent statutory holiday created in Ontario – February’s Family Day – was not generally well received by many businesses when introduced in 2008 even if the public for the most part welcomed it.

The Ontario Liberals may have run a campaign promising the additional holiday, but Petkov noted it was a campaign commitment paid for by businesses.


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Lovely Sunday morning, although cool. Jumping on my motorcycle and heading off for the day. Might even aim for Hafilax.

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