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Venezuela coup happening now.

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An anti-government protester walks near a bus that was set on fire by opponents of Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro during clashes between rebel and loyalist soldiers in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday. AP Photo/Fernando Llano
Protesters took to the streets Tuesday after the leader of Venezuela's opposition declared he was "beginning the final phase of Operation Freedom," promising to bring an end to the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Here's what you need to know:
  • What led up to today: Opposition leader Juan Guaido — who declared himself interim president in January — has been recognized as Venezuela's leader by dozens of other countries and has led months of protest against Maduro's government.
  • What happened: Guaido gave a dawn address in which he was flanked by men in military fatigues and armored vehicles in the capital Caracas. It marked his boldest attempt yet to involve the military in the removal of the Venezuelan leader.
  • What Guaido has promised: The 35-year-old has promised a transitional government and free elections to end the rule of the socialist Maduro regime, which has overseen the once-wealthy oil nation's descent into economic collapse and a humanitarian crisis.
  • What the US is saying: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed Tuesday that Maduro was preparing to leave Venezuela, but was talked out of it by Russia.
  • What Maduro is saying: "The situation is under control," Maduro's Communications Vice Minister Isbemar Jimenez told CNN on Tuesday. "All military garrisons support Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro."
We're wrapping up our live coverage, but you can keep reading about the uprising here.


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My sister used to live there for many years and used to brag how they don't pay much taxes and gas was almost free. Those were the days.


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What a pity, corruption does that to a country.


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I think this is going to get very ugly before it gets better.



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DILLIGAF;n1468855 said:
I think this is going to get very ugly before it gets better.


Especially with the Russians and Commie Chinese sticking their nose in, simply because the rest of the free world has stated what has happened there, is absolute crap, and they can't have that.


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1. Thanks to the lefty media member who pointed out that part of the problem is that the citizens have no way to fight back against the corrupt military of the corrupt leadership....why....because they weren't allowed to own firearms for the last couple of decades as the country went more left! Why are americans so "gun crazy"? Because we don't want this kind of shit to happen in the US ever! If and when the lefties in politics get their way here in the US....forcing us to say only nice things to Muslims while attacking Christians, forcing us to take public buses and trains and sacrificing our cars in the interest of greening....forcing us to sacrifice foods and activities we enjoy in the interest of single payer health care. When they keep forcing and forcing and taking over more and more of how food is produced and distributed...when the people are starving in the streets (just like happened in the USSR and Communist China and now, Venezuela). When all that shit goes south because lefties have been allowed to sneak into our country for decades, by the millions, and are allowed to vote along side criminals. When the Constitution is just a piece of paper and all of the rules and limitations it set down for government are ignored and the government and politicians decide they know what is best of each of us and decide who lives and who dies based on what resources they allow us to have... When all of that goes wrong...we won't be throwing rocks at tanks. We will be able to fight because we had the right to keep and bear arms and millions of us have done so in the interest of staying free even if our Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots from time to time. That's what makes us different.

I feel for the Venezuelans but then again, they voted these idiots into power and they gave up their own rights in the interest of wealth redistribution and social justice and all the other bullshit. Those who do not learn from history are guaranfuckingteed to repeat it. It happened in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and many other countries.....and yet people are still flocking to fucking socialism like it's going to make things better. Capitalism has made the world a better place, lifting people out of poverty and allowing for technologies to develop and give people better lives. But right now, those in charge of the education of the youth of the US and other countries are filling their heads with BS that it's the other way around and that Capitalism leads to people starving and only socialism makes people equal. Read a book, look at history, think for yourself kids! There are examples everywhere that show what socialism leads to (EVERY TIME) and what freedom and capitalism has led to the one time it's really been used. We might have our problems in this country, but I'd rather the world be more like the US than the US be more like the rest of the world...especially Venezuela!
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