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Steels Royal Massage Vannessa @ SRM2

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Joined Nov 7, 2009
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I hadn't been out to play all week, so I drove my ass over to SRM2, the former Enigma Spa, near 407 and Steeles.

Got introduced to the available talent, and chose Vannessa. Good choice. She is tall, attractive, long dark hair, and has a very nice, very large, natural rack. :shock:

Vannessa is pretty openminded as far as MPAs go. Nothing illegal for an MP, but enough that you will likely visit again. All in all I would rate the session as an 8/10. I will happily repeat.

The Dean

Re: Vannessa @ SRM2

Thanks for the first review Viper.

Welcome to the board!
Joined Nov 4, 2009
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Re: Vannessa @ SRM2

Hey Man. Have always wanted to check this place out. Good selection of ladies?


Re: Vannessa @ SRM2

Just saw her pics, are they for real?. What a babe
Joined Jan 9, 2010
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I think this is the same vanessa who used to work at enigma spa last year. If it is, can vouch that her huge cans are very natural and very tasty-shmasty. :)
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