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Sassy Angels Valery @ Sassy's - finally took the dive

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Joined May 5, 2010
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I first met at the Christmas party promising that I would pay her a visit. After seeing her again last Thursday and feeling like going for the cute sexy girl next door I decided to pay her a visit (and coincidentally first experience with Sassy's)

IMHO Sassy's has the best setup amongst all the incalls I've been to, a bachelor pad nicely decorated, dimly lit with candles along with the fragrance from the incense filling the air.

She greeted me with a kiss, commenting it was nice to finally see me in a private setting and I was taken aback by the wonderful surroundings and her of course. Hopped in for a quick shower and came out continuing the tongue action that was started a few minutes ago. She proceeded south while kneeling on the carpet. After abit of that I thought we should move to a more comfortable setting as she continued to explore with her mouth and tongue.

I felt it was time for the main course and she proceeded to skillfully put on the condom with her mouth. Usual positions with our hot and sweaty bodies grinding each other culminating in a great finish (for me at least) while DFK.

After pouring ourselves a cold drink to recuperate, I returned the favour with a special DATY. Went back for a second round with a eventual CIM(SW... a bit)/COF.

Two weeks ago I tried Cialis (20mg) and it worked too well. For the 12 hours after taking the pill I was getting a lot of hiccups (doctor explained it as the diaphram being triggered to work more than normal caused by the dilation of blood vessels) and the second round actually feeling numb and requiring vigourous handjob to get off.

This time I halved the pill while no hiccups (but still feeling my lungs expanded), the numbness during the second round was there and it took a long time to get off.

Any suggestions bros? Perhaps need to 1/2 it again or just go for the 5mg as a one-time deal...


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Good review Eisfire. Valery looks outstanding bro. Agree Sassys have great digs. They got things right with that location and setup.

As for the Cialis, I don't have any experience with thestuff but it sounds like you have to keep experimenting with the dosage. 1/2 still sounds like too much. Try a 1/4 or take it earlier in the day until you figure out what works best. By the sounds of your post you have way too much in you.


Welcome Eisfire.

Good review. I didn't meet Valery at the party but she looks enticing and sounds like the service level is right up there.

As for the cialis? I dunno, why not try Viagra (50mg). It would tend to make more sense if you're using it to go in to a session and it's planned. Cialis seems to be more for an anticipated encounter, just not knowing when in the next 36 hrs or however long it lingers.


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Welcome aboard EisFire, btw great review, thanks for sharing it; she's on my TDL now.
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