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Update: Caerf Get-Together Party

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Rebecca Richardson said:
I have a hot date, can't wait.

How come I don't have a hot date? Sure, I'll have a hot frilly-panties-clad mascot, but does that count as a hot date?


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GenevieveLajoie said:

How come I don't have a hot date? Sure, I'll have a hot frilly-panties-clad mascot, but does that count as a hot date?
Nope it sure doesn't count. But he can fetch us drinks if I can swing a flight out there in time.

Tgirl Nikki

king21 said:
TGNikki, perhaps?

Wow, that would certainly make for a steamy limo ride... especially if we can get Gen to join us, and she forces her panty-clad mascot to sit and watch... ;)

Once again, I somehow got stuck having to write an exam on the same day as the party... fortunately, it's during the daytime so I won't have any trouble getting there on time. :)

I'll either be celebrating my success or mourning my failure... either way, I'll be in the mood for lots and lots of drinks. :p Msg me if you'd like to buy me one! ;)


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Hotel suggestions

Hotel suggestions

For those of us from out of town who are hoping to make it does anybody have any hotel suggestions in the area?

What are the chances that the club has a good single malt and that I can persuade Gen to buy me one?


Just got confirmation that one of the best indies out there will be coming.

Sexy Jordan now Jordan James will be attending!! WOOT!


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I will definitely be attending this Party!!!
Cant wait ;)

This will be 2 days after my new site launch, see you all there!!!!



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That's a fantastic ass, Jordan!
I might go just to see you. :)


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Sounds good but....

Sounds good but....

I think you guys mean A SEXY PARTY! stewie-1.gif

The Dean



We have more exciting updates for the party.

Montreal Girlfriend, Dream-makers, Entourage and Miss Valerie Hugh will be attenting to our party.
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