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Joined Aug 12, 2011
Messages 17,543
I really shouldn't post after MM. The thought of being under MM makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

NO YOU SHOULDN'T and I'm stuck cleaning your mess today! FARKER, do it once and DO IT RIGHT, FARKER!


Joined Aug 12, 2011
Messages 17,543
Chevy said:
You gentlemen should stop hijacking threads.

I'm sorry young man. Let me put this thread back on track......

Who are the whiteknights of TWITTERVERSE and which ladies do you like or dislike based on their twitter accounts!


Joined Sep 14, 2010
Messages 6,938
I’ve mostly abandoned my Twitter account. I felt I was surrounding myself with drama or people who weren’t what they represented themselves to be as so many have commented on in this thread. Frankly what I was seeing others post was turning me off. People I know intimately communicate with me through other means anyhow so it’s not a big loss. Gives me more time to post on Caerf and deejay my radio station without a bra :tongue:


Joined Sep 15, 2017
Messages 317
Gives me more time to post on Caerf and deejay my radio station without a bra :tongue:
Oh great, now every time I listen to KFLY and hear your voice I'll get horny. :wink2:


Senior Member
Joined Jun 19, 2013
Messages 8
That being said, if a provider chooses to offer it there is nothing I, or you or anyone else, can do about it, and shaming them wont change a damned thing. As for client risk, sex outside of monogamy is always a risk, you could just as easily pick something up from a girl who doesn't offer BBFS but has BB sex with her spouse who passed something on to her, or a civie, or whatever. If you're worried, use protection, or don't hobby.

As for your second question, I already said I don't necessarily condone the public outing, I think there are other solutions such as private lounges and websites like verifyhim which are absolutely necessary and should be used. Blacklisting is paramount to provider safety!

I've actually been wrestling this. Mainly because the SP I'm thinking of preaches safety on Twitter, but more importantly is now working with other providers for duos.

My general philosophy is that you can only protect yourself, and I recognize publicly outing an SP might even boost her business because some clients look for it, but is there no "community safety" aspect to think of?


Joined Dec 31, 2013
Messages 775
Amy, no more DJing and I'm also curious about the stars you seem to peddle on twitter, how does that work?

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