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Tulo nails every throw!!!!!

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Senior Member
Joined Jul 24, 2010
Messages 1,028
I would buy a ticket just to watch Tulo field ground balls.

He makes it look soooooooooooooooo easy, and trust me its not


Senior Member
Joined Jul 15, 2014
Messages 8
Back at 500 ball again. We need a 10 game winning streak just to quiet down the critics.


Senior Member
Joined Jul 24, 2010
Messages 1,028
I'm still not convinced with Gibbons at the helm.

We might have to do a Jimmy Williams 2.0 and get a real coach


Senior Member
Joined Jan 7, 2010
Messages 1,072
First of all, baseball teams have Managers.

Second, you are a huge FAGGOT!

Third, last time I checked the manager never hits, pitches or fields any balls. Unlike yourself, you love balls, especially in your mouth.

Fourth, you're still GAY!

Fifth, the bullpen is shit this year, they have blown 7 games. That's more cock than you sucked all of last year.

Sixth, you're a GAY HOMO!

Seventh, You and I are still going out drinkin' and taking hot babes to POUND TOWN right? :good:
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