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Tuesday: New girls Kate & Claire, plus Demi/Madeline/Billy/Evangeline/Madalina/Lacey

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Allegra Escorts

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Hey guys, we're happy to bring two more ladies to the collective this week! Please welcome the gorgeous

"Kate Kompton is an elegant young woman with a naughty side. Her positivity and smile is contagious and brings sincerity to everyone she meets. She is always up for an adventure and is truly your perfect companion for any occasion. Book some time with Kate to see her naughty side for yourself."

Also starting this week is the lovely

"Claire is a witty, sweet and intelligent girl who loves classy men with good taste. With a movie-star smile and an out-of-this-world butt that just won't quit, she'll leave you smiling for days. Whether it's your first visit, or one of many, she'll always act like the girlfriend you've always dreamed of having by your side. Claire can be your perfect paradise and your naughty little secret!"

Without further ado, here's the schedule for this week:

Madeline Swann

Azura Rose

As always, please contact us at 416-655-7401 (phone & text) to spend time with one of our wonderful SPs!
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