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Trump Unveils Major Legal Immigration Reform Proposal

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President Donald Trump introduced his administration?s proposal for a major overhaul of the legal immigration system on May 16, outlining a legislative package that would prioritize migration based on skill and merit.

The proposal doesn?t change the number of people who obtain permanent residency on an annual basis. The measure instead focuses on the kind of migrants eligible for permanent resident status, by shifting away from the random visa lottery and limiting the kinds of relations eligible for legal migration through family ties.

Trump proposed to replace the visa lottery system with a merit-based approach that is already being used in countries such as Canada and New Zealand. The new points-based system would rank candidates based on age, level of education, and technical skills. The system would award points for migrants who are qualified for high-wage jobs, have job offers in the United States, or have plans to create jobs in the country.

Future immigrants also will have to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency, knowledge of the English language, and pass a civics exam.

?Our proposal fulfills our sacred duty to those living here today while ensuring America remains a welcoming country to immigrants joining us tomorrow. We want immigrants coming in,? Trump said.


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Dems will never go for it. They want anyone and everyone to enter the country regardless of what it will cost the USA. The Dem politicians want that because they'll get those votes and the base wants it so they'll get their politicians in to vote for more freebies from the government. It's a sure way to bring down the US.


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He just won't give up. There was also reports that banks would not lend him anymore money for his business ventures
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