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Transgender sex worker insists man was killed in self defence

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How much damage is this going to cost for the obvious people?.

MANDEL: Transgender sex worker insists man was killed in self defence | Toronto Sun

Curtis “Moka” Dawkins insists she killed her client in self defence.

But the trans woman is on trial for second-degree murder. Jamie Foster, 27, was found dead in the early morning hours of Aug. 3, 2015 after bleeding out in the hallway of his St. James Town apartment building from multiple stab wounds.

And Dawkins was found outside with a sword in one hand and several knives in the other. So this is her chance to explain.
Wearing a sweater set and black skirt, she nervously flicks her straight burgundy hair — it appears to be a wig — as her lawyer Jennifer Penman gently guides her through her story.
Originally from Montreal, she identifies as female and has been on hormone treatment since she was 18. She’s considered surgery but didn’t want to upset her family.

Dawkins was living in a shelter, earning money as a sex worker online and “on the block.” But it was dangerous work, she explains. Two of her trans friends had recently found dead under suspicious circumstance and she was attacked by a john.
She wanted out.

“I was so tired. It was dangerous,” says Dawkins, 28. “I knew I was better. I wanted to make my mom proud and do something with my life. “
She was working on Homewood Ave. when she met Foster about a month before his death, she says. She asked if he wanted to have some fun. He agreed to pay $120 for a half hour of “full service” and led her to his Rose Ave. apartment.

Foster was “aggressive sexually,” she says. After the half hour was up, they ended up smoking weed and talking. “We just meshed really well.”
So she had sex with him again — this time for free. “Jay was a very attractive male, great body, well-endowed,” she says with an unsettling smile.
They kept in touch. On Aug. 2, 2015, Foster asked to see her but she had plans to meet friends at a club for Caribana’s closing night. He tried to entice her with weed, she says, and after persistent calls, she agreed to head over. But not for long. She had to meet her friends at 1:30 a.m.

After some foreplay, Dawkins says she tried to leave but Foster was drunk and angry. “The next thing I know he says ‘I told you you’re not going anywhere’ and that’s when he stabbed me in the face,“ she testifies.
“I was just terrified. I honestly thought this is it. I’m going to die.”

With blood in her eyes, she struggled for the knife, she says, and finally got hold of it. “I just swung. I was scared.“
She doesn’t remember how many times she “swung” at him.
“When you were taking swings at him, were you trying to kill him?” Penman asks.

“No,” she maintains. “I thought he was trying to kill me. I thought I was going to die. All I was doing was defending myself from him. I didn’t even know that when I was swinging, I was hitting him.”
Court has heard three stab wounds to Foster’s upper left arm, left groin and left thigh were fatal. He also suffered “sharp force wounds” to his face, arm and shin, plus nine wounds to his hands and fingers.

Under cross examination, Dawkins agrees she was bigger and taller than Foster — 6-feet-1 to his 5-feet-8.
Later, Dawkins saw “a lot of blood” outside Foster’s bedroom and went to see if he was OK. “I’m not a thug. Even though he just attacked me, I’m not a heartless person. I’m not going to just leave you there.”

Foster was on the floor of his bedroom. “The man said he was sorry,” Dawkins recalls. “He seemed fine. He was talking to me so I didn’t think he was seriously hurt.“
But the jury has seen a photo of the gory, blood-soaked bedroom and heard that in her police statement, Dawkins said Foster had begged, “I’m dying. Call the police.”

She called 911, she says, and then ran from the apartment, armed with knives and a sword in case “someone comes at me, I’m ready to protect myself.”
Dawkins then heard sirens and the police yelling at her to drop her weapons, which she did. “Next thing I know, I’m maced in the face.”
And under arrest for murder.

The trial continues.
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