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Top L.A. Vegan Restaurant Owners Receiving Death Threats for Slaughtering Animals

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Joined Sep 10, 2015
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I can understand why the hippies are upset.

But again, these people serve vegan food at their business establishments. In their personal lives, they have decided to re-introduce meat into their diets. Nothing wrong with what they have done. I don't think a Vegan restaurant owner should be prohibited for the rest of his life from eating meat.

Vegans are basically go-hard leftists - you know the type - 'Preservatives cause cancer, animals are better than humans, humans are evil and should be put under population control guidelines' etc. Vegans (leftists) arent the type of people one should make friends with - EVER. Once someone tells me they are a vegetarian, I don't even bother with them going forward.



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