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Sassy Angels TOFTT - MERISHA @ Sassy Angels - Nice Surprise!

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Merisha @ Sassy Angels


I was parked near Sassys so I decided to see who was on the job before heading home. Carolyn said their new girl Merisha received good feedback on her first day so i booked her on blind faith not knowing what her back ground was, what her figure was or anything. Total blind date. Merisha doesn’t have her agency photos up yet. When the door opened I was greeted by a very pretty young East Indian girl. I thought 19yrs but she was 22. Very long black hair, full kissable lips, sparkling brown eyes. An all natural curvacious figure held nicely together by her youth. Big sexy smile.

Merisha is very new and learning the role so she’s working out her game. LFK to start. Didn’t try DFK because she’s new. We got hung up with an evil catch on her bra that wouldn’t let go and then she released a pair of stunning breasts with nice rose colored areolas. Fantastic natural and suckable 34Cs. Her figure is curvaceous but not overweight. Very responsive to DATY which see seemed to enjoy a lot and it was definitely a turn on switch for the rest of the encounter. Digits brought more moans.

FS was outstanding. She’s very tight. She told me that her favorite position was doggie with her lying flat on her belly and she was delighted that it was how we started. She admitted she likes some rough sex that starts very slowly and builds with hair pulling and ass slapping. Merisha lgets very excited with lots of “Oh My God” type of commentary. She seems to enjoy her job. CG needs some work but overall i could have spent the whole day with her. DFK materialized in Mish as the session progressed but i thinks it’s YMMV.

Her BBBj was worshiping, teasing and she’s eager to perform however you want. I don’t think it’s her favorite activity but she does a good job and works tirelessly. No CIM.

Merisha is one of the sweetest young ladies I’ve ever met in the business. Fun, adorable, a bit shy, authentic, horny, caring. Great all around experience. I think she’s a very good Provider. Sassy’s has a good one here. I will definitely repeat.

Hope this helps

Borey The Bald II

The blurry picture on their site, is that her?.


I think Swede won the 649 or lotto max!:biggrin2:


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SandOnTheBreeze said:
Nice review. Hopefully they post up some body pics soon.

Yup waitng for pics. She looks familiar but won't comment until I have more info m


Newer picture of Merisha is now up on the Sassy Angels site

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