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TOFTT – Dara @ Luscious – Luscious and Curvacious

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Had to investigate what was going on at Luscious Entertainment when I saw their ads. I was curious about the photos of Tia and Dara. Were they real? Is the Agency legit? I called about their availability and the Agency had scheduled Dara to be downtown so I pre-booked. I think they are mostly going to be in Markham and the Airport. Introductory pricing of 220$ for the hour so how could you go wrong. This is an agency in start up mode but I felt that they have their operational game in order. Experienced management, helpful Phone staff, prompt text messaging, Drivers had the girl on time. I suspect they will fill out their babe roster in short order.

As for Dara. What a blast!!!. I was very pleased with her facially when her head popped out from behind the door and my little head was trying to pop out of my pants when I saw the rest of Dara. This young lady has a Rockin’ curvaceous figure that was trying to bust out in every direction from her tight blue silk one piece whatever it was. She moved right in for a DFK with her tongue deeply probing mine. I just grabbed on to each of her butt cheeks, dug my heels into the floor and held on while she made out with me at the door. The girl made a good first impression

Post shower Dara was in Panther mode on all fours on the bed waiting for me. Her all natural 32Ds hanging heavy in her bra. Dara has a fine pair of all Canadian, red blooded, 19 year old, gravity defying, breasts. She’s about 5’4”. Not for spinner lovers but neither could she be described as plump. She’s just young, firm, and curvaceous. Her photos are very accurate.

Beside her on the bed was a serious device with a big white head on it and a long electric cord to plug in. My first thought was that Dara had brought her Karaoke Microphone with her. But it turns out that Dara had come fully prepared for some vibrating orgasmic fun. Dara loves sex and likes to play. She’s only 19 but my word this young lady is open minded and experienced in Sex Craft.

Highlights with Dara

Daty/Digits – She’s very responsive and encourages digits. In fact she said to me “Lets see how many fingers you can slip in”. Using her Karaoke microphone device on her with one hand and nearly fisting her with the other hand brought some squirting action.

CFS – Just A Great Lay. Dara has outstanding control and can really massage you with her Vagina in FS. Best Mish in recent memory because she really gives back. She gets good friction going in CG and I had to check to make sure that I had stayed firmly wrapped up. Fun in Doggie grabbing her generous butt cheeks. Only 1SOG because she drained my stamina.

BBBJ - Good – not great. Not a CIM girl.

Lucious was great to work with and the photos are spot on. I think this agency will stand behind their product quality and they followed up with me after to make sure i was happy. I had a lot of fun with Dara. She’s a unique service taking me into stuff that I had never played at before. I don’t think there are many girls in Dara’s lane making her more of an authentic experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Luscious again and I’ll watch their lineup and schedule. Dara would be a lot of fun to repeat with.

Hope this helps
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