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IN-Call TOFFT - April @ EVA's

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Joined Nov 25, 2009
Messages 124
So did a search and saw that this girl has not been reviewed.

Had heard about a new girl working at my go to girl Eva's place and decided I should check this girl out. So far going there has pretty much guranteed me a good fuck and suck session.

Called up Eva and said I could be there in 10 minutes since I was nearby doing some shopping and she said it's all good.

Got to the location and was greeted my mamasan Eva and April. Wow! Youngest looking girl I've met working at Eva's, I'd place her in her mid-20s. Cute as a button too with a very bubbly personality but can't speak a lick of English. Eva was on her way out and April grabbed a hold of my hand and led me to the master bedroom (even though that's Eva's room I always get the use of it no matter who I'm fucking that day).

April immediately faces and starts to giggle and runs her hands all over me and engages me in LFK followed by DFK (she almost puts her gum in my mouth). Very nice kisser with hints of passion/sensuality that would explode later on in the session. She starts taking my clothes off while making out with me with lots of kissing and looking for my tonsils with her tongue. She then got undressed herself. Nice C-cups I'd guess, all natural. Not the firmest but good enough to suck on and lick which is what I ended up doing. Bit of a flat ass but that doesn't really matter when my main view was of the top her head and the times that I was looking at her butt it looked mighty good as I was drilling her in doggie.

Took a shower and rejoined her in the bedroom. I laid down on the bed and she joined me with more kissing and then just started to explore my face, ears and neck with her mouth and tongue, it felt amazing. She proceeded to explore pretty much the rest of my body with her kissing and licking as well as doing a bit of a suction action at various spots. Of course she saved Jr for last and my goodness it was worth the wait. Very different technique from Eva, April really likes to use her tongue a lot and was a bit aggresive with the licking of the tip but that's not really a complaint. Took my modest manhood all the way in and didn't mind when I held her head down so her mouth was at the base of my cock, what a champ. Unfortunately she didn't make those awesome gagging sounds Eva makes when I do the same thing with her but you can't win them all. Also of note was her fulfilling my request for her to spit on Jr. as much as possible.

Switched places with April and kissed my way down her body until finally making my way to her kitty. It's not bare but the hair is manageable and didn't detract from my DATY experience. Very vocal girl when being pleasured that makes up for the lack of speaking. Inserted some digits and holy shit she has pretty awesome muscle control down there. I was doing my best impression of Joey Lawrence from Blossom (WHOA!) while this girl was trying to milk my finger with her pussy and I thought "I need to get a cover on and fuck this girl ASAP!"

So on came the cover and she laid down on the edge of the bed while I stood and I entered her sweet young pussy oh so slowly and just savoured being in her. Not as tight as Eva but sweet jebsus can she milk my boy while he's inside. I fucked her at varying speeds in that position with her making very alluring moaning sounds, especially when I was tenderizing her with my cock. She was also very passionate in engaging in DFK when I leaned in to kiss her.

Switched to standing doggie with some light tugging on her hair which she seemed to like. We then moved onto the bed to do some proper doggie and like I said the view of her ass in that position is quite sweet. From there I pushed her down so she was flat on her stomach and I was pounding her while on top.

From there I laid on my back while she mounted me in CG. Started turning so she was side CG, reverse CG, side CG again and back to CG. She then positioned herself so that she lay flat against me, belly to belly while I was still in her pussy. Never done that before and it felt great.

Finally I was ready to shoot my load and wanted to CIM. What an intense SOG which she took (and spit out later).

We then cuddled on the bed for a little which was sweet and then she gave me a pretty intense back massage. While not as awesome as Eva's it's very good in it's own way.

Anyways I had a really good time with April and felt a good rapport with her, such that while we were getting dressed we kept on making out. I got another hard on and cursed that I only paid for the hh session. That being said I stayed longer than 30min but YMMV.

Can't wait to see her again.

howmuch toomuch

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Joined Dec 28, 2009
Messages 66
xxx-cellent review dude. What gets me stok'd is discovering the hidden gems. Sounds like you found one. Thanks for sharing.

Borey the Bald

What a go MB April sounds like a keeper you sure got your money's worth for the half hour.


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Joined Jan 28, 2010
Messages 899
Notice you see Ava's girls much MB, how many does she have?.


Wow welcome back buddy, you haven't lost your touch. Awesome and entertaining review MB.


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Joined Nov 25, 2009
Messages 124
olayda said:
Nice review MB as always.

Where ya ben buddy?

Thanks, not hobbying too often. Trying to save money which is hard to do when you pay for sex on a regular basis.

Detective said:
Her kiddy trimmed like a landing stip MB?

Not a landing strip. Just a tangle of hair but it's not a jungle or anything, you can still make your way to the promised land without spitting out a hairball later.

Iambad said:
Notice you see Ava's girls much MB, how many does she have?.

Including Eva there are 3 girls working there, not sure if Diana is still there.

Huck Scarry

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Joined Mar 24, 2010
Messages 198
Nice one MB... don't head out that far from the Down town core but I'm definitely going to have to get out to Eva's some tme.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 660
I am off for a couple of days and see all these new reviews. Thanks for another good reading MB, good price range for a fun time.


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Joined Apr 30, 2010
Messages 725
This new site rocks, think I am only going to reply to reviews that are posted here from now on I like my new home. Yours I have not seen in the other 3 sites. Great review and cheers MB.

Knight Rider

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Joined Nov 14, 2009
Messages 1,471
Great review, Marvelboy and thanks for the TOFTT!

You certainly had an awesome time with April. Thanks for sharing your experience.



Senior Member
Joined Jun 6, 2010
Messages 428
You are on a good short roll MB thanks for another outstanding review.
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