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[email protected] Toni VIP starts at the Airport! + Nicole at the Airport & Lily in Markham!

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Minx Escorts

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First time callers Must call to say Hello
Then text anytime you wish

[email protected] MINX Companions


Starting Thursday @ MINX
Diamond VIP :oops: :devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish:


Toni is mew to the escort world but has about year experience in the spa game.
She is East Indian, Canadian Born
25 YEARS Old
Total Smoke show
Spinner Body, Beautiful Face, PSE service- FYI COF the more the better...LOL
Attitude, Personality, Engaging, Sex appeal
Toni @ MINX, Diamond VIP
You guys are in for a treat, respect her and I'm sure you will put her in your ATF, top 3 easy
1hr 350
45min 260
30min 180

Full Profile up!!! Pre book asap

PSE Minx

Check our her twitter: Here!


Brand New To Industry...

Sweet/PSE girl with a naughty mentality

Check our her twitter: Here!


Looking ahead to Friday!

- Airport
- Markham
Review of Kali at Seduction Spa
Saw Kali a couple Friday's ago in the evening. I read on this board that she provides the kinda stuff I like, plus those amazing pics of hers, so decided to check her out, and man am I happy I did! She's very easy to talk to. She mentioned multiple times that she likes to show off her body, so...

Kali @ Seduction
I'll make it brief. Pics are legit she is a really slim athletic girl who probably actually has a 23-24 inch waist (I didn't have a measuring tape to confirm). Nice face and is a lighter skinned or mixed indian girl. She has a moderate amount of ink but she looked good with it but she is very...


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First time callers just call to say Hello
Then text anytime you wish
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