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Thoughts on health care.

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I'm just curious about what others here think.

Is it right to point out that people with certain ailments cost public health care more than the healthy? Do those who are mentally challenged deserve to live? I know some people have expressed the opinion that smokers should have to pay more for their health care since it is more likely that they will use more health care later in life. What about heavy drinkers? What about those who participate in sports where they accumulate injuries that will burden them later in life? What if it's not a lifestyle choice but genetic? Should people with higher possibilities of having health issues be denied coverage or have to pay more early on? Family history of more. Family history of bad more.

If health care is a RIGHT, then why should anyone be treated differently? Would it be better if people sorted out their own health care?

I can see the argument for aborting embryos with genetic disorders. It's tough on the parents and anyone else who'll have to care for the child throughout its life. Some also argue that it's not fair to the kid to allow it to be born with some terrible issues.

At the same time, there are those who argue that the physically and mentally challenged shouldn't be treated any different than anyone else....that they are able to live a full and satisfactory life.

You probably know where I stand on the government controlling just about anything including health care. What do you think about these governments deciding on life or death based on the cost of care?



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All I know is that when I need surgery or get sick my government takes care of me. Yours is too bias :blush2:


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Your video link is a downer. As far as I understand health care is not a right in the USA as any hospital can refuse you if you don't have the funds to pay if you get sick.


i'd be broke if Canada didn't have free healthcare, even while i was making $1000/day. sometimes it's just out of our hands.

can't be making those born with asthma get free ventolin but smokers to pay for their ventolin, it'd be another way to exploit the system and no one would end up paying anyway lol

but also i say you can't live life banking on the fact that you'll have to "pay for it" later on in life if you have another shot of tequila :)


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Obama could've succeeded if he was allowed another term. Too bad.


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Joined Jan 22, 2011
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I don't think we have rights anymore. Everything is censored, spied on plus the politically correct institutions have us hanging by our balls.


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Our thoughts means zero for those that make the rules. So this question is a lose and lose one. Hope that makes sense.


Joined Nov 13, 2012
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None care much about the health care issues in the USA here :blush2:

Ralph Furley

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Joined Sep 23, 2017
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Canada just needs more goddamn MRI machines. The state of Pennsylvania has more MRI machines than all of Canada.


Joined Aug 5, 2022
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