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This Instant Inkblot Test Will Analyze You On The Spot

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Mine is:

The Charismatic Leader


You're the charismatic leader! You were born to lead. People naturally respect and trust you. No matter what you're speaking about, you speak with an authority that captivates your audience.

Your family and friends have always expected great things from you and though you're often your own worst enemy, there is literally nothing you can't achieve. You have a charisma that draws people to you, whether it be friends, lovers, fans or followers. You have the potential to be an expert in your chosen field! The world depends on leaders like you to inspire and guide the rest of us!

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You're the humble believer! You're the best kept secret around. You're an incredibly kind, compassionate, loyal and caring person who would absolutely never think to brag about it. You're that friend that everyone can depend on and you never expect anything in return. Okay, we won't exaggerate! You're not a saint but seriously give yourself the well deserved credit! You have deeply held values and a rare moral compass that keeps you down to earth, humble and kindhearted. You see the best in people and no matter how frustrated you may get at times, you go through life with an open heart and an unconquerable loyalty to the ideas, places and people you hold dear.



The Quirky Eccentric

You're the quirky eccentric! Let's call a spade a spade. You've always been a bit of an odd ball, but that's exactly what you pride yourself on being deep down. Sometimes you may be frustrated with how easily others misunderstand you, but you love being unique. You stand out and your creative inner world is a playground for your impressive imagination. You're an eclectic spirit and you've probably always felt like an "old soul". No matter what you do in life, there will always be an eccentric and fascinating world of ideas, thoughts and emotions just beneath the surface! You are truly one of a kind!



I'm an introvert and intelligent, maybe there's some truth to it, lol.
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