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This feminist thinks due process is bad

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The word "feminist" has morphed in meaning so much that it is not recognizable with the original intent of equal rights...


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What he said.

Here is a simple question that no feminist answers - if only 2% of allegations are false, why don't we have a 98% conviction rate? Since she assumes that all reported cases other than those 2% must be true, then how does she know that? And why were the prosecutors not able to convict anyone?
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feminism since the early days was never about equal rights.

I think, WAY BACK WHEN, in the early 1900s, it was about equality. But, since the 60s, I think it has terrible motives.

It is important to publicly acknowledge when women lie about rape. It happens way too much. I feel very bad for Ghomeshi.


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Well thought off response.

Laci is getting mixed up between friends, strangers, and the Criminal Justice System.If a friend told me his house had been burgled, if I knew him to be a generally trustworthy character, I would believe him. If he told me his house had been burgled, and he chased the burglar away and could identify the burglar in a police line up, then I would say, "go get the bugger."But if he said, his house had been burgled, and he had a pretty good idea of who it was, with sketchy evidence, then I would tell him to be careful of making baseless accusations. That kind of thing can bite back

.So, if a friend told me she had been raped, and I knew her to be generally truthful, then I would believe her. Even if I knew she had a history of not always telling the truth, I would probably also give her the benefit of the doubt - I have nothing to gain by not believing her.The same as if a friend told me he had been falsely accused of rape, and again he was a generally trustworthy friend, then I would believe him.

You see, I have the luxury of not having to decide, legally, if a crime had indeed taken place, and I will side with my friends against a stranger. It is not my responsibility to ascertain truth, it is my responsibility to make sure my friends are not suffering.I seriously doubt, that if anyone went to a friend and confided that they had been sexually assaulted, the friend would outright deny them that.

They may ask about how the situation arose, because they are being kind and want to find out what happened for the benefit of their friend in need. They are not being sceptical, they are trying to be useful.Now, if a friend told me that she met a guy, went back to his place, they had sex, then in the morning enjoyed a nice breakfast together and agreed to go to the cinema the next day, then I would have a hard time believing that the sex they had had was not consensual.

But again, outwardly I would still comfort my friend whilst inwardly realising that I need to be careful around this person - they may not be as trustworthy as I thought them to be. I am not saying this is the situation of every rape accusation, I am suggesting a hypothetical situation where I would be less than totally convinced.

Now I think Ive covered every combination there. Before I close out, I want to say that rape is horrible, and in a civilised society it is and should be illegal. For the same reason, false rape allegations are also horrible. Being subjected to either would be a nightmare.

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