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IN-Call thetank and Mrs. Tank with Sophia of Mirage

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I apologize in advance for the length of this review, but I am sure if you read it, you will understand why it had to be as it is.

3 years ago, my marriage was near divorce. Rather than abandon our relationship, my wife and I embarked on a project of rebuilding our love and happiness and that required a lot of conversations, work, and honesty. As part of honesty, I progressively revealed more and more about “my hobby” to her hoping she would explore and expand her sheltered sexual horizons and rediscover her youth and sexuality as I have rediscovered mine. Two months ago, she decided to venture into this hobby with me, and the review below, which took place yesterday, is our first venture as a couple . . . a 2 hour session with Sophia of Mirage.

Honestly, I didn’t expect much and would have been happy to simply go to the session with my wife, meet Sofia, drink two bottles of wine with a gorgeous young woman, and share intelligent conversation. I thought that would be a good (though expensive) first step for my timid and sheltered wife. We, in advance, agreed there would be no actual sexual intercourse between me and Sophia since she wasn’t ready to see that. I felt what was most important was that she have a good first experience, so I wasn’t going to do anything that might jeopardize that. She thought she would be OK with oral sex on her and me, but wasn’t really keen on touching another girl or kissing her . . . or any of that . . . but “might” be fine with giving “most” of Sophia’s body a massage with massage oil.

What happened is below and is NOT embellished in anyway.

My wife and I arrived at the upscale location with time to spare, but I felt the anxiety building. “What was going to happen?” I couldn’t get that question out of my head. I asked Mrs. Tank how she was doing and, while I could see the anxiety, she said she wasn’t more anxious and was “fine.” This word has not been associated with good things in marriage!

Taylor was a sweety and called me on my hobby phone promptly. “Go on up, honey, and you two have a good time!”

The beauty of the hotel was reassuring, somehow, and Mrs. Tank smiled at me as we waited on the elevator. A soft tap on the door, and it opened. I looked at Mrs. Tank but I knew I had better walk in first.

I was wowed. Sofia was warm and welcoming with a soft hug for both of us. What a statuesque and incredibly beautiful woman! Her beauty was matched only by her poise. She was wearing a ¾ length silk robe, opened on the front to reveal awesome D cleavage barely contained by her bra and legs to die for.

We introduced ourselves and she led us into the bedroom. Idle banter about Sofia returning from vacation and our trip into the city flowed naturally, but Mrs. Tank added only “yes” and “no” to the conversation. I could see she was nervous! I opened the bottle of wine we had brought and poured everyone a glass and we enjoyed more simple conversation, with my wife on one side of the bed and Sofia across from her. The two ladies were already on the bed. This was awesome!

Sofia could see how nervous Mrs. Tank was so she asked her what she wanted from the session. “To see what happens,” said Mrs. Tank with a smile. Mrs. Tank explained that she had never been with a woman, was never involved in a ménage a trios, and (other than one fairly tame session at a massage parlour) had never hobbied. With this, Sofia smiled and said “so you chose me for your first experience!? I am honoured!”

I smiled and said, “You come highly recommended by Mrs. Sentry.”

After a bit more wine, I explained that this session was really for my wife and that there would be no sex between she and me; however, oral sex for both of us was a possibility. I suggested that we start with a back massage for my wife using the oils we brought, and follow from there based on everyone’s comfort. Sofia loved the advice. With my wife’s agreement, I ushered her into the shower.

Sofia and I shared more wine and conversation. I was blown away by her sexiness, intelligence, and confidence. When Mrs. Tank emerged in a towel and sat on the bed, I handed her a new glass of wine, helped her to her feet, and stripped her naked while I looked into her eyes. I then turned to Sofia who complimented Mrs. Tank’s incredible DD breasts as I stood-up and eased off her robe. I smiled at the ladies, then retreated to the shower knowing my wife would be anxious about my departure.

When I emerged, naked myself with the cannon on high alert, I saw my wife face down on the bed with Sofia in bra and panties on top of her massaging the oil into her skin with strong, sensual, and incredible technique. I walked around to the far side of the bed to admire these gorgeous ladies in the full-length mirror. What a sight!

I lay on the side of the bed, helping Sofia massage my wife. Sofia had finished with her back and had moved lower, so I worked her back and shoulders softly, whispering to her how beautiful she was. Sofia urged my wife to flip over, and I could see how eager she was to get at Mrs. Tank’s breasts. The oil glistened on her breasts, then Sofia started sucking and tonguing them. My wife’s responsive nipples grew, and she moaned with delight. Eager to get into the action, I started softly kissing my wife, and I furtively caressed Sofia’s back. I wasn’t sure how my wife would react to me touching Sofia.

Sofia undid her bra and released those perfect Ds, then continued sucking my wife’s nipples. Sofia’s hand travelled to Mrs. Tank’s kitty and she moaned with delight. Then Sofia’s kisses travelled lower and lower. I was in awe as my wife writhed in pleasure while Sofia’s tongue worked her clit. Eagerly I helped her from above and Mrs. Tank moaned as two tongues pleasured her, helped by my deeply inserted fingers from below.

Sofia seemed happy that I could hold my own tonguing my wife’s clit, so she moved higher. I could hear the sucking sounds above, but when I looked up breast sucking had turned into French Kissing with tongues and lip sucking.

Do you know what I mean when I say that the guy who lives in my head (who always speaks his mind and is sometimes my outside voice) saw that and said (inside my head) “What the FUCK? Get the fuck out of here! . . . HOLY FUCK!” Mrs. Tank – my wife . . . quiet as a church mouse wife, never kissed a girl with or without Cherry Chapstick wife -- was kissing Sofia passionately and deeply and was REALLY into it. I almost shot my load at the mirrors right then and there. Even the Cannon looked at this dumbfounded. The Cannon looked up at me and said “Who’d a thought??”

Sofia returned to my wife’s perfect pink, bald kitty, as I kissed her passionately. Moaning with pleasure she said “Yes, lick my clit Sophia. That feels incredible!” Sofia kissed Mrs. Tank some more while fingering her pussy, but I was like . . . “What can I do to occupy myself?” Sophia was alternating between sucking my wife’s breasts and kissing her (with their breasts rubbing together . . . and let me tell you DD + D is a Whole Lot o’ Tittie!), while fingering her. I had been caressing Sophia’s thighs and back testing the situation, but I thought “This ball is rolling downhill” so I moved my head around between Sofia’s legs and dined on that immaculate pussy . . . quietly mind you. No need to draw attention to myself. Sofia moaned in delight and returned to eating my wife’s pussy, so I repositioned myself off the end of the bed and gave Sofia’s pussy the attention it deserved. She gyrated her pelvis against my face as she got incredibly wet.

Sofia looked at Mrs. Tank and said in a soft sexy voice, “Do you want to 69 with me?” Mrs. Tank looked at her and said in an assured voice “Yes.” Sofia swung around and deftly lifted her leg over my wife’s head. From the bottom of the bed, I watched as my wife devoured Sofia’s pussy with her mouth, tongue, and lips. You know that guy inside my head. Complete fucking heart attack as my frontal lobe melted. Un-fucking-believable! Even the Cannon was at a loss for words. He just looked up at me and shrugged.

the story continues in the next post . . .


Joined Dec 6, 2009
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thetank and Mrs. Tank with Sophia of Mirage

the story continues . . .

Now, I have to admit. I didn’t know what to do. I was watching the beauty of the situation from close-up and in the full-length mirrors, but I wanted to get involved. I quickly inserted my fingers into Mrs. Tank’s pussy, and helped Sofia lick and tongue her clit. Mrs. Tank was doing so good a job after a few minutes however, that Sofia’s groans grew stronger and more urgent and she lifted her face up, and ground her pussy into my wife’s face. Mrs. Tank licked and suck furiously, occasionally breathing, and Sofia came to beautiful orgasm, her body shaking.

Recovering quickly, and eager to return the favour, Sofia moved between my wife’s legs, spread them wide, and devoured her. I moved up to my wife’s face and enjoyed Sofia’s taste as I kissed her. Within a few minutes, Mrs. Tank was crying out “Ohhh, Sofia!! Don’t stop! I am cummmming!” while her body shook. It was beautiful.

Sofia and Mrs. Tank enjoyed the afterglow of their orgasms embracing each other, and I lay across them, all our heads together. Then I looked at my wife, and I asked “Can I kiss her?” With a smile she said “Yes.”

I kissed Sofia passionately, with tongue and lip play, then returned to my wife kissing her in kind. Each time I licked more of the other’s flavour off their faces, knibbling on their chins as well. Then I sucked four incredible breasts moving from one to the other and back, as my hand cradled and played with Sofia’s pussy. At that moment, I wished I had more mouths.

My wife looked at me with delight and said. “I want to see her suck your cock.” I had already decided that nothing else was going to surprise me, so let me tell you that I didn’t waste any time laying on my back with my arms crossed behind my head! Sofia’s perfect mouth worked to the base of the Cannon . . . impressive! Her lips were full and perfectly soft, her tongue more talented than words can express. Then she looked at Mrs. Tank and said “Help me suck his cock.” Again, I almost decorated the ceiling with Cannon fodder right there!

My wife smiled a devilish smile, as she sucked my cock and Sophia licked the boys and the base of the shaft both of them looking at me with sexy eyes. I admit it. At that moment I would have done anything for them. Then, each moved to the base of the shaft on opposite sides and worked up the shaft to the tip with their lips united across my Cannon. As they reached the tip, the head of the Cannon became entwined in a smoking hot deep French Kiss which continued as they lifted off. It was one of the most incredible sights ever. The two of them returned to sharing the Cannon working me into an utter frenzy, until Sofia started an incredible, wet, rhythmic deep throat. Time lost meaning as I cried out “Ohh my god Sofia! I am cummming!” With my wife watching and enjoying every facial expression, with her hands on my shuddering body, and Sofia continuing her deep throat, I blew what felt like gallons of Cannon fodder into her gorgeous mouth in one of the longest and most intense orgasms of my life. I literally cried out for a minute as I came and came and came.

When Sofia finally pulled off, I continued convulsing in ecstasy. She looked at my wife adoringly, gestured to her, and with a nod from my wife, moved to kiss her with a mouth full of my cumm. My wife kissed her with passion, and I could see them enjoying the kiss, tasting and swallowing . . . something my wife has NEVER done before. If I had had any more spooch in the spooch machine, I would have blown again.

After Sophia cleaned me up, the three of us collapsed on the bed in glistening heap. Our bodies entwined, we enjoyed more wine and a beautifully honest conversation about our lives . . . interspersed with soft caresses and kisses . . . and Sophia smiling and saying “You are a lucky man.”

I am sure that you can all understand that this was the most incredible sexual experience of my life. Nothing else has come close.

A very special thank you to
Andy at Mirage for helping me set this up and for your advice. Thank you my friend. I can hope only that I can repay your kindness.

3somesarethenewblack / Mrs. Sentry for your advice and counseling. Your recommendation was perfect. Your advice invaluable.

How would I rate Sophia?? Tens across the board. My new all time favourite.


Wow you left me speechless bro, I am so happy for the both of you. Can your wifey call mine and you know maybe convince her to do it. :aww:


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Congratulations Tank good for the both of you. Very impressed dude.

Knight Rider

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WOW! I am speechless! I am totally blown away as your review reads like a playboy article. I am so happy for you, tank. I am glad that both you and Mrs Tank were able to have that experience with Sophia.


_ _

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So glad it worked out for you and Mrs. Tank. If 3 and I lived in GTA we would just cut to the chase and sign over all our worldly goods to Sofia as she would end up them anyway.

Can't wait to hear what more happens with the adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Tank.

Wow, what a great review.

- - -

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TANK!!!!! OMG!!! I'm so happy! After all the talking and planning, you guys did it!!!! I LOVE your wife. I'm so glad she let her so go and enjoyed everything sex could be. I'm dying to meet her! Sofia is an amazing woman in every aspect of the word. I couldn't of dreamed of a better session for you.


There is nothing more cherished or beautiful than the love of a wife for her husband, or that of a husband for his wife. The love between you both is clear...glad you were able to reach out and share such an intimate moment together, and knowing Sofia well, you couldn't have picked a more empathetic, sincere and gentle partner to engage. Congrats and well done Mr. & Mrs. Tank!

Lone Wolf

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Outstanding review. However, more importantly, I was pleased to read how
wonderfully this went for you and Mrs. Tank. And, kudos too for Andy and Sophia,
as well as Sentry, and Mrs. Sentry.


My hats off to you Tank and my deepest respects to you and your wife. The love of a couple and the willingness to explore new horizons is exponentially a greater task than the easy route of divorce.

Much respect my new friend.




Really, I don't need to say more than that do I!

Next thing you know, Mrs Tank will be a board member writing her own reviews!:great:

Yes, Sophia is a magnificient playmate! I guess this is the new Tank family theme song!


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Tank ... this review should be archived for posperity ! Damn ... I'm totally speechless as well as envious !

OMG ... :shock:

On a real serious note .. I'm so happy for the both of you. Wish you guys luck going forward !!


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My friends, thank you. Humbly I thank you. I can't tell you how long and arduous yet rewarding this path has been.

Your support is gracious and appreciated more than I can say.



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thetank said:
My friends, thank you. Humbly I thank you. I can't tell you how long and arduous yet rewarding this path has been.

Your support is gracious and appreciated more than I can say.


Tank, congratulations. It took courage for you and Mrs.Tank to take the risk you did. It looks like you not only saved your marriage, you enriched it.

Obviously Sofia deserves a lot of credit for her understanding of the situation and contributing to such a positive outcome. wrote about your experience in an eloquent and tasteful way.


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Wow. For once, I'm at lost for words. I think it's the first time I read a review that makes me both hot and all touchy feely inside.


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This is an outstanding review...I think it takes lots of courage to take your marriage to a new level; congratulations.


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....well that's it....

...i have to get me a wife and book sofia!

Amazing review and an Amazing time Tank!!


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HOF said:
Next thing you know, Mrs Tank will be a board member writing her own reviews!:great:


I vote to that, Tank does she have her own handle?. BTW, your review gets 2 thumbs up :great: :great:, very touching and moving.
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