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Lauren Summerhill

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I just had a wonderful experience going out to Stratford for the Shakespeare Festival.

It was by good fortune's hand that I got to see The Tempest with Chrisopher Plumer as Prospero. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who loves theatre. He did a fantastic job, giving so much warmth and life to the man he was playing. I was completely astounded at how good the entire production was to be honest, probably the best Tempest I've ever seen.

I was particularly pleased by the woman who played the spirit Ariel, who normally is almost distracting during the play. In this case she was absolutely charming. I fell in love with the ethereal creature.

I also had the pleasure of seeing "The Winter's Tale", which I hadn't seen or even read before. It was almost Pygmalion like.

A wonderful restaurant to dine at while there:

Next door to the restaurant is a cottage, with two charming rooms available for rent. I HIGHLY recommend this!! You can find information on the Old Prune website. They call the cottage The Plum.


Thanks Lauren!

We are big fans of the Festival and attend a few productions every year. My son has also attended their Shakespeare School for the last 4 years and will be attending again in a few weeks. He loves it! He wants to be a stage actor and this is a great experience for him... plus they attend 10 productions as part of their curriculum.


I had seasons passes to the Oakville Players last year. A different play every month and the shows were very well done and the players were top notch and kept the crowd entertained. The best one to date was The Elephant Man. Well worth the price for the entertainment.
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