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Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and all information is my POV.
I’m just glad to be part of the high mileage club!

Bobbi had recently become an independent business woman and I some monkey business to do with her!

I planned the absolutely perfect day!
I combined Bobbi’s birthday and Valentine’s day in early February. So you’re probably wondering what did he do this time? Well, I really like Bobbi and have since our first adventure together. I went shopping at my favourite stores! The Body Shop and LaSenza, it really pays off to get the frequent purchaser cards! I quite enjoy going into these stores and flirting with the saleswomen!
There was an incredible black lace teddy with matching panties that would look so good on Bobbi and then on the floor! The sensual lotions from the body shop would remind her of our time together and she enjoyed my touch.

The next part of the surprise was a picnic for two! A bottle of red wine, cheese, crackers, mixed fruits and chocolate pudding were on the menu! Now, I had two more surprises for this lovely woman, a blindfold and a real fur coat that I asked her to model for me! Today, Bobbi was treated like a Queen and we ruled the world together!

I asked Bobbi, “Do you trust me honey.” Her reply was yes! It was time for the blindfold to appear. I placed it on Bobbi, tied firmly and she was sitting on the edge of the bed. I gently caressed her entire body with the front and then the back of my hand. Gently, I kissed her and asked if she was enjoying herself. Her reply was YES. I said let’s play a game! I brought a piece of fruit and run it around her nipples which became very erect then I said open your mouth. Bobbi said, “Oh I love pineapple.” I continued to tease beautiful Bobbi with strawberries, cantaloupe and chocolate pudding placing pieces all over her body and eating them off of her while blindfolded. I could sense her anticipation as the strawberry and chocolate was strategically placed above her clit urging me to eat it! I had teased her long enough, and I devoured her succulent honey pot and hummed this tune! Bobbi obliged by drenching me with the sweetest of all honey! As she caught her breath, I placed chocolate on my raging erection and magically ate my chocolate banana!

For several hours, we were like wild animals lusting after each, not be able to get enough of each other. After several climaxes for both us, Bobbi screamed!

It might have been spoil Bobbi day, but she was certainly my slave to love! This particular video was shot on my 17th birthday at Wembly, stadium and I was there! Hard to imagine that will be 25 years this summer.

Bobbi is one of my ATF ladies! I only visit with her 3 or 4 times a year as I could become attached!


HOF, nice way to add to the Niagara section!! You sure you don't write for Harlequin Romance books? All you need is the pic of some dude with long hair blowing in the wind with his shirt unbuttoned looking down at a beautiful woman with her cleavage showing in a peasant outfit....

Great review dude..keep em coming!!


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Wow you are smooth HOF enjoyed reading your review, you a writer?.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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She looks so sweet hope you didn't corrupt the poor girl. :)


Holy shit Hof you party everywhere, nice review.


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Joined Dec 28, 2009
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Tried the food seduction thing once, but for some reason, 'animal cracker's didn't get the desired effect I was going for. :)

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