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The Ottawa GFE MA (list, votes and quick one line reviews)

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Thanks to all reporting on their MA experiences and for MA Seeker for maintaining the BIG LIST.

Question though - am I the only one that can't find a review after March 13 on the big list? I've tried downloading it from the link but there doesn't appear to be any reviews dated later than March 13/22.
How can you tell when the last entry was in the big list?


Joined Dec 17, 2010
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+1 Jasmine/Jazz/"It's J" @ indy (repeat) A new service to report: she can do "edging". Worth trying her out if you want to know who does this, or if you've never tried it before.


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Time to get back to some sharing on the GFE list!
-1 Kiki @ CMJ worst session in a long time.
+1 Niki @ CMJ
+1 Michele @ Alpha
+1 Minah @ Alpha
All 3 sweethearts who easily cleared the GFE bar.


Joined Dec 17, 2010
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+1 for Ariel at ALO. Completely new girl, college cutie will be going back to college in the fall, so get her while you can.

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