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The Ottawa GFE MA (list, votes and quick one line reviews)

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+1 Raven at Alpha

I have long been an admirer of Raven, and have had the pleasure of meeting her several times - always impressed by how she handles herself, and quite the lovely woman as well. I finally got the chance to have a session with her recently. I wish I had been able to have had one sooner - as she is a great MA, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the time spent with her.
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Ace in the Hole

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+1 Raven @ Alpha, she has a great personality, pretty face and a curvy body I was mesmerized by. With so many ladies to choose from, it's easy to say I would keep on going back for this great person. She took the time to ask me about my day, genuinely listened, and took all of my stress away. 😩 Her bubbly personality made me feel comfortable in moments. After our session, she offered me a spot at the bar and we continued to chat for awhile after. I've had repeat sessions with her and will continue. Although I wish I had met her sooner, I am happy I got the pleasure of meeting her. I'm happy to have found this gem in Ottawa @ Alpha 😊


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Another +1 for Quinn at CMJ. Not sure why she wasn't on my radar before but a most enjoyable hour.


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-1 Filipina Monica @ indy. But this requires a bit of explanation. She doesn't fulfill the strict definition of GFE, but she provides a very interesting edging massage.


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A big +1 for Harmony @ Club Alpha. She is a genuine, friendly and eager to please lady. I really enjoyed my time with her. GFE service. Repeat is a must.


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+1 Jasmine/Jazz/"It's J" @ indy (repeat)
Used to work at Michelle's massage, still does once a week, but mostly indy now.


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Big -1 Chanelle @ ALO. Bossy attitude, though a very attractive ebony spinner.


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Welcome to the new big list of Ottawa MAs who provide GFE in Google Sheets format! This spreadsheet will make it easy to update regularly and keep up with staff movement and nominations from contributors.

This list is intended only as a guide. Remember your individual results may vary!


For the purposes of the list, the “low bar” definition of GFE will be honoured as outlined below:
  • Friendly service
  • Body slides
  • Touching allowed
  • Shower play, if requested

These four criteria SHOULD be the benchmark of any employed MA. Because the bar was purposely set "low", theoretically it served as a reliable threshold for MAs who were promising, consistent, friendly, and playful. GFE is more about "positive attitude" than "services". It is harmful to the list if the bar is raised by including kissing or other YMMV services beyond this threshold (which should not be lawfully discussed anyway).

  • Simply reply to this thread or send "maseeker" a Private Message to add recommendations or suggest deletions. Optional: You can provide a brief explanation on how a name meets (or doesn't meet) the four above criteria at a minimum.
    • Votes also accept via dm to our Twitter account 'Ottawa_maseeker'
  • Some wiggle room exists in the four criteria. For example, I've had sessions where we agreed to skip body slides entirely and we more than made up for it in the other three categories. I would still consider these sessions very GFE based on their vibe and the excellent attitude of the MA.
  • Let's keep it positive. Do not use this thread to bash anyone. Downvoting can still be done respectfully.
  • Special note: To respect their privacy, I will exclude any hostesses who wish to remain anonymous.
  • Multiple votes for same MA in one post will not be accepted. Please kindly create another post in another day if you have seen her multiple times. Remember unique votes are greater than non-unique votes. Also preferably when voting/repeating for the same MA, please state in your post something like this 'Another +1...' or 'Repeating with MA_name +1...' Note if you vote for the same ma more than 4 times in a year, these votes will not be counted.
#SharingIsCaring #OttawaMassage #OttawaMA

**Current GFE MA list is pinned to our Twitter account 'Ottawa_Maseeker' or see post below for direct link to the spreadsheet
Thank you Maseeker for your great work in setting this up. It is great having some objective insights before taking the plunge!


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Thanks to all reporting on their MA experiences and for MA Seeker for maintaining the BIG LIST.

Question though - am I the only one that can't find a review after March 13 on the big list? I've tried downloading it from the link but there doesn't appear to be any reviews dated later than March 13/22.

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