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The most annoying thing your SO does?.

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My wife can't stop buying shoes to the point where she currently owns between 30-40 pairs and this is after she recently donated about 20 pairs to charity. She leaves them all over the place and I find myself tripping over them often. However, she puts up with my ass so I really don't have much to complain about.
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I hate it when I treat my SO to a romantic dinner, that I've saved up for at a busy restaurant on a Saturday night and the waiter brings over the cheque. And Esco says he has to take a huge shit and leaves me with the bill and he never returns.

Fuck you Esco you piece of shit. That's the last time I splurge for Chessy stuffed crust at Pizza Hut.

It's over between us Esco.

btw - I faked every orgasm
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My wife will disagree or interfere with me on matters that she has no idea on.

If she disagrees or interferes regarding the Mandarin language (she is Chinese) or Chinese food or something that she is knowledgeable about, I don't mind at all; but when she disagrees with me about cars or investments or something where she LITERALLY has no idea what she is talking about, that pisses me off.

But she is very pretty, so I accept it.
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