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The Kosher Game - Read Rules in Post #1 Before Playing!

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In The Kosher Thread, no reference to pigs, pork, bacon, rinds, nor jowls may be used.

Compound words like pigskin, with reference to football, are acceptable, but cannot be reused by anyone in a subsequent post.¹

Strategic intentional misspellings are encouraged, but also can be used only once.

Euphemisms are encouraged, as are Latin genus/ species designations, but also only once each, from anyone, unless you make up a plausible one, like at the beginning of a Road Runner cartoon.

Reuse of someone else' reference from a previous post is a game misconduct ejection. It prohibits the player from further game participation, but anything he/ she says subsequently can be reused by a different player, again, only once.

As referee, I am prevented from participating in game action, and can only post further, once the game is on, to report the scoreboard to date, or to indicate an ejection. When indicating an ejection, the referee can score a point, if he successfully makes a pork reference that is relevant to the explanation for the ejection.

Once the game begins, if the referee posts any pork reference, other than when explaining an ejection, he is excluded from further point scoring.

The referee may reuse a pork term when explaining an ejection, or when a footnote in the rules, for explanation, has been used¹.

Players score one point for every unique pork reference. The referee scores one point for every ejection, in addition to the potential points he might score from a post ejection explanation.

Players indicate their pork reference my means of bold formatting. Unformatted references are excluded, but may be used by a different player, if formatted.

If a player feels that another player has reused a pork reference, they may quote the post in question, and ask for a ruling, or they may make their anonymous inquiry privately, by Private Message, but not within twelve hours of the time of the post in question, because I won't be refereeing in "real time". Successful appeals to eject another player score two points. In the event that the appellant for another player's ejection wishes to appeal the denial of the ejection, the decision will be determined by a Poll, with 24 hour time limit to vote, and the winner of the poll receives two points from the player, or from the referee.

Making a unique pork reference, in the context of a successful ejection appeal, scores two points, but no points are scored for the reference if the appeal is denied, by Poll result. In either case, the reference from an appeal cannot be reused. A player is prohibited from making appeals if they lose three appeals, or two consecutively. ¹¹

If the same post is validly appealed by more than one active player, the one who appeals first will be heard first, but if that player's appeal is rejected by Poll, subsequent appeals will be adjudicated, sequentially.

Players may appeal to have the referee ejected.

The referee is prohibited from posting drivel, within this thread, and also cannot reply to anyone within this thread, unless the reply relates to an ejection ruling. The referee may, however, quote a statement made within this thread, and answer it somewhere else. Attempts to prevent the referee from scoring any additional points are an acceptable strategy.

Ejected players may post drivel, but anything they say can be quoted, and used by another player for a pork reference allusion, but again, the same one, can only be used once.

Players who have been ejected are not permitted to use emoticons in any further posts within this thread. If they do, they are obliged, on the honour system, to not read any further posts, and any players still in the game, may talk about them, as if they aren't there, within this thread.

Only one pork reference point, per post, is allowed, otherwise, no points are scored from the post, it's called pigging out, and is similar to goaltending in basketball.

Players may post drivel, written in such a way as to 'bait' another player to give them a desired 'set up line', but no points can be scored from such a "honey pot trap, if quoting a former player who has both been ejected, and subsequently used an emoticon in a subsequent post.

New players may join at any time, but they will have begin with a points disadvantage, and will frequently be ejected with their initial post, in which case, the referee will have twelve hours to post the ejection, before appeals may be made by active players.³

Posting drivel, for the purpose of luring new players into the game, is acceptable, but may be advantageous to the referee, unless you know when he would be too busy to not notice an ejection opportunity within twelve hours.

Any rule or strategy not expressly prohibited by the rules is deemed to be within the rules.

The game end when the thread goes to page two, or below.

Within this thread, oldguyzer's posts will be recognized by the referee.

¹ The reuse of a pork term by adding or removing an hyphen is considered reuse, as in pigskin and pig-skin.

² Note that, from , pig, pork, bacon, rinds, jowls, pigskin 'pig-skin' and pigging out have already been used, and their reuse is cause for disqualification.

³ Appeals for ejection made by players who have already been ejected are disregarded by the referee. Any reuse of a pork reference that is neither ruled upon by the referee nor appealed within twenty-four hours is deemed to have been unique, and scores a point.

¹¹ The referee does not score a point, if the ejection is based on a sustained appellant's appeal (added)

Game On!


Miss Piggy and I are still unclear on the rules, would you mind explaining them again? :search2:


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