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Had dinner the other day at the Keg. It was like walking to the playboy mansion, The hostesses were Hot and dressed to the T. All the waitresses showed cleavage and smoking hot. Somehow I feel the manager must be a pervert. So many looking babes, it was packed with suits and secretaries trying to impress their bosses. An action place I must say.

Oh, the food. Sorry guys just got carried away. They have great mini burgers and the sautéed calamari sucked the big one. Scallops wrapped with pancetta was to die for but the nachos sauce was weak. Steak medium rare is top notch but they need to hire a new pastry chef as it was horrible.

OK I am not hobbying much later but I am eating good food. :mrgreen:

Food: 7.5 / 10
Decor: 8/ 10
Service: 8 /10
Damage for 4 : Don't know one dude was stuck with the bill
Babe alert: 10/10 Big time babes


Well-known member
Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Re: The Keg on York St.

I was at the Keg on Church st food was great and the waitresses were also very very attractive


Joined Nov 17, 2009
Messages 307
Re: The Keg on York St.

Most are eye candy thats for sure. Make sure you flash your Gold card there if you want to even remotely get some action.


Joined Nov 15, 2009
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Re: The Keg on York St.

I used to go to the Keg mansion all the time, food was awesome, so was the eye candy, I miss it !!!

Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Re: The Keg on York St.

Go on a Thursday after work and its a meat the sense of eating and picking-up!


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Joined Dec 17, 2009
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Re: The Keg on York St.

Kirk Lazarus said:
Go on a Thursday after work and its a meat the sense of eating and picking-up!

Between 5 and 7 pm best for picking ;)


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Joined Feb 25, 2010
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All the waitress are hot showing cleavage makes you tip them more.


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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There's a reason why it's the best-performing Keg in Canada :) Thursday nights are crazy. They even break out the velvet rope and bouncer at the door.

Better crowd than at Bymark or Ki, too. Not nearly as uptight.


Keg Mansion was where I had my first "real" date with an Argo Cheerleader (who eventually got my cherry that night too... :p). It's littered with Babes too from Thursday to Saturday.

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