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The GREEN NEW DEAL......what do you know about it and what do you think?

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Joined Jun 29, 2010
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It may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

In the next 10 years...
- Get rid of all cars already on the road.
- Get rid of most air planes/air traffic.
- get rid of Nuclear, natural gas (omitted coal...which is the dirtiest)
- Gut every...EVERY...building in the US and replace with more efficient/modern materials.
- Replace air traffic with high speed rail.
- Pay for it by printing dollars.

It's not just Ocasio-Cortez....apparently her chief of staff wrote it. Anyone who says this can happen without destroying the USA is a fool or a liar.

- Americans love our cars....we like the freedom to jump in them and drive wherever the fuck we want to go whenever the fuck we want to go. Nobody is going to be allowed to keep and drive their classic vehicles? Are we going to be stuck using some kind of government owned "vehicles" that are electric and self driving? Will they be free? Will they go wherever we want?

- I'm willing to bet that AOC and her ilk will get exemptions to keep flying when they know....for the good of the people and government. How much do you want to slow things down by not letting people fly? You want to replace them with high speed rail. Hmmmm....I wonder where that track will get laid down. They say the southern border fence is an issue when it comes to eminent domain.....but I bet they'd all shut up about it if it would support this terrible idea. We already have Amtrak....a government run train that loses money every single day it runs.

- Get rid of oil, natural gas and nuclear energy production. Well....that leaves coal which is the most polluting...but I guess you'd get to keep those coal miner votes. What about all of the products that you get from oil that aren't fuels...we stopping with plastics too? Petrochemicals are important to our way of life too....probably can't build an Iphone without it. Is everything going to be replaced with wind and solar.....sorry....we don't have that technology yet. It will cost us many times more to live with those sources of energy and the standard of living will drop. Plus batteries are an issue. Have you ever looked into the nasty ass chemicals that are used to build batteries. Do you know where they come from....go look at how many minerals are mined around the world and tell me the battery part sources are cleaner than drilling for oil.

- Upgrade every building in the US in the next 10 years. We are barely able to commute with the potholes we have on the roads that the Gooberment is already supposed to take care of. How fucked up would the buildings be if you allowed the government to deal with that? You want to tell private citizens what they can use to build their homes and how they have to build them? The entire thing is moronic.

....and the usual answer from the left....just print/borrow more buy things that won't improve your income as a nation. So in the end, you have a bunch of crap that doesn't work, worse problems and crippling debt. Great plan if your goal is to destroy the US.

I loved watching the Dem presidential candidates come out in favor of this plan before they even read they have to backtrack because anyone with any common sense knows this plan is crap, won't fix anything and is just another power grab by the left.

Thank god our founding fathers wrote the US Constitution as negative rights for the government. It says the government cannot do things to the citizen and the majority cannot do things to the individual. We may have strayed from the path quite a bit, but the rules are still there. These leftists want to turn things around....rights instead become what the government has to do for you. Right to a living wage, even if you don't want to work.......if you can't see how that would fail, you're a fool. I can only hope that the citizens (and voting illegal immigrants) can see through all this BS and vote these idiots out in the next elections.


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Joined Jul 7, 2012
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This can be debated over and over again but must agree to thank God for the US constitution.


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Joined Jun 29, 2010
Messages 10,859
I love that she's now denying the plan. Her office claims it was an early draft that was accidentally uploaded. Riiiiiiight! That's why you sent the same document out to various media agencies? I can see posting up the wrong document....but wouldn't you immediately replace it with the correct document when you found out? They posted nothing else because they had nothing else. What's in that document is what they want and believe they can make happen.

Almost every Democrat that's declared for 2020 supported it. These people have lost their minds and suck at trying to cover it up.
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