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Joined Feb 14, 2010
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I found myself in the Hammer with work today and decided to try any connect with someone. As luck would have it Ava Jones was available for an early evening rendezvous.

Upon entering her lair the door closed behind me to reveal the angel in devils clothing. I must have had a stupid smirk on my face as I stood gathering my senses. The little General took notice of this beautiful young lady and immediately stood and saluted. She asked if I needed a shower which I almost always do. (little did she know that I needed to take a cold one after seeing her assets in her lingerie).

After the shower we proceeded to share a glass of wine (in very fine crystal, lol) and started up a very stimulating conversation. This young lady is very articulate and intelligent and handles herself with great confidence. All the time we were talking she would gently bump into me making sure that parts of her body would brush up against me while her big bedroom eyes seduced my into the devils lair.

The light kisses turned into more passionate ones as her clothes began to hit the floor revealing her nicely tanned body with a few tasteful tattoos. I enjoyed the opportunity to give her a slow sensual massage and explore each soft and subtle curve on her body. As I asked if she would like to flip and let me massage the front she happily greeted the idea with a playful you betcha. As I finished the front and leaned in with a kiss it was time to let my hands explore and get ready for the main event. I assume that the massage was enjoyable as she needed very little coaxing in the stimulation department and was able to just enjoy a very tasteful dessert.

The rest of our time together was just as amazing as we explored our passion and the rest of the time just flew by. As the passion increased so did the devilish desires of this sexy angel. I highly recommend attempting to see her before she moves on to a new area and can't wait for her next visit to any area nearby. I would definitely make the drive to see her.

Until then I can only say, Thank you for the Memory,


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Wow that was a romantic review, me thinks you like her.:razz:


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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She looks hot in the pics, damn another hotty that I am to lazy to drive too.


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Joined Dec 28, 2009
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Thanks for the review. She's got an exotic-euro look. What's on her menu? Dfk, digits, nipple/anal play, bbbj/tcim?


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moran said:
Thanks for the review. She's got an exotic-euro look. What's on her menu? Dfk, digits, nipple/anal play, bbbj/tcim?

She is very open minded and most things I believe are on the menu but YMMV. I don't think Greek is on the menu but you would have to ask her. She has just booked another trip to the Hammer so don't miss the opportunity.
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