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Out-Call The Corruption of Shelly!

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The Corruption of Shelly!

Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is from my POV.
Sometimes, I just don’t know how I get so lucky! I had been messaging with Shelly for a few weeks and we finally decided that it was time for an adventure of mind, body and soul.
Why choose Jos Stone’s Mind, Body and Soul to describe Shelly? Because she is a completely open minded to new experiences, has a lusciously curvaceous body, and stole a piece of my soul on our first night together!

Shelly arrived at my place and we greeted each other with a smile, embrace and warm, wet kiss! I told Shelly to make herself at home because she was staying the night! We shared a bottle of wine and became better acquainted on the couch. She is a very attractive young woman and an incredibly sensual kisser.

Shelly had some surprises in store for me! As I poured us another drink, she excused herself and returned in a form fitting naughty nurse outfit, and she was busting loose! Nurse Shelly asked me, “What seems to be the problem!” I replied, “There’s a huge lump in my shorts and I need help releasing it.”
Nurse Shelly directed me to the chair, pulled my boxers down and orally examined the huge lump in my nether regions! She is the head nurse after all! As Nurse Shelly thoroughly examined the lump grew larger and stiffer, and she said, “We need to go to the other room where I can fully examine this from better angles.” Nurse Shelley gently grasped my problem in her hand and led me to the examination room! Once in the examination room Nurse Shelly disrobed and said there is really only one way to fully examine this problem, and that is to administer a “PTPE” I asked is this serious and she replied, “It could be and we don’t want it to get worse.” I was about to have a Pussy to Pecker Exam administered by this lovely nurse, and she said, “Put your hands on me!” After several examinations in various positions and some mutual oral exams, Shelly said, Mama’s got a brand new bag!”

Now, Shelly had wanted to play with me for a special reason! She wanted to experience her first tour of island love, and I obliged her request telling her not to push it, don’t force it, let it happen naturally! I led Shelly slowly through the islands of Greece, and as we were getting closer to Athens she screamed, “Give it to me baby!” So, I did!

The rest of the night we caressed and cuddled like we were in As the sun came through the window, I crawled out of bed and prepared breakfast for two in bed. Shelly was extremely appreciative of this and had me for dessert. After breakfast, it was shower time

We had a wonderful evening together!

PM me for contact info


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OMG Hof amazing review any sp that likes the leafs and dresses like a nurse is in my books.


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Awesome review think am going to call in sick from work so the nurse can take care of me.


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Good review, but why the PM for details. If she has a web-site, isn't it to her advantage if you post it?

Borey the Bald

How open minded is she Hof how far have you tested her.


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CallmeMatt said:
OMG Hof amazing review any sp that likes the leafs and dresses like a nurse is in my books.

Even better when she is a fox of a nurse. :cool:
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