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IN-Call The beautiful Chantelle of Mirage

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Joined Dec 6, 2009
Messages 531
Drivin’ into Toronto, time was tickin’ away. It was 10:20 pm and I hadn’t called Ravi to set-up my first incall for tomorrow. It is no secret that Mirage is my favourite watering hole. Where-else am I going to find such a line-up of ladies and book them with a guy who never sleeps.

Is it just me, or is Ravi always at work?? I call at 11:00 pm and he picks up. I call at 9:00 am, and he picks up. I have to meet this guy . . . and hire him! Talk about devotion to duty.

This time was no different, but he is already recognizing my voice! Probably a sign that thetank might be suffering from a wee bit of the addiction!

As Ravi dutifully rhymed off the list of ladies, he came to a name on the old TDL, Chantelle. The Cannon piped-up in perfect Scottish, “Book that girl Ravi. That’s what the Cannon wants to get into! A little French Canadian something-something.” The Cannon is direct if nothing else. My balls got in on it too. “Were loaded Tank. Ready to go. You just say the word, and we will fire-off a load thicker than oatmeal.”

I am not sure that the Scottish reference translates very well here.

The next morning, I arrived at the incall location (which is getting VERY familiar I have to say. Possibly another sign of addiction?) with time to spare. A light tap on the door and I was standing in front of a beautiful French Canadian lassie.

In the looks department, Chantelle does not disappoint. She has a beautiful face, nice full lips, a slim athletic figure, a tight firm butt, and fantastic natural breasts. She welcomed me with a series of warm kisses progressing to DFK. Taking my coat, she led me into the bedroom.

The conversation was a challenge since she speaks very limited English, but I loved the accent. The Cannon was listening intently. Still, I have some French Canadian in me, so I figured I would tell her how big my Cannon was. “Poisson dans moi pantaloon” I said in a sexy voice.

With a slight smile, she quickly ushered me into the shower. I am not sure why, but I think I was smooth.

When I walked out of the shower, after a good scrubbing, Chantelle was waiting for me on the bed clad in very little. This young woman was a responsive lover, as our hands and mouths enjoyed one another’s bodies.

Taking off the few clothes she was wearing revealed a beautiful, toned body. The Cannon was very happy.

Her kissing was excellent, but was exceeded only by her talent for BBBJ. To tell the truth, I have never seen the appeal of deep throat. Previous girls rammed the Cannon down there with little skill and too much force, and to be honest, I had avoided the action up until now. Chantelle, however, has this skill down to an art form with soft fluid motions engulfing The Cannon. The Cannon sang out, “Look at me! Now you see me. Now you don’t!” She worked my tool into a frenzy, until I could wait no longer. I flipped her over and, after doning a raincoat, enjoyed my favourite starting position, missionary.

Chantelle was tight and responsive, and she fucked me with her pelvis while I pounded her from on top. Only a few previous girls have been as tight. What a joy! I was even dirty-talking, which is something I rarely do, but figuring she wouldn’t understand most of what I said anyway, I talked away. The language barrier became wonderfully uninhibiting.

After a bit of doggie, and the sight of that wonderfully formed ass, I put her on top for cowgirl, my favourite position. She rode me with youthful abandon and with skill, almost bringing me off, but she slowed down before I blew. Then, she built the experience back up until she was banging me like a screen-door in a hurricane. The Cannon was loving every thrust of her tightness. The weather is never a boring topic.

Swapping positions, I fucked her in missionary until I heard the warning, “She’s gonna blow” said my balls. . . . and they were right.

After the main course, I had some fun with Chantelle as we talked about the TERB party later that night. She tried on a few outfits and her boots and shoes to get my opinion, and I think I advised her well, because she looked smokin’ later that night.

Body: 8 (All natural, slim and athletic build with some of the best natural c-cups I have seen)

Face: 8 (Beautiful face and full lips. I was wowed when I saw her.)

Service: 8 (GFE/PSE. Excellent DFK. Outstanding BBBJ and DT. Great tightness. Incredibly enthusiastic with lots of energy.)

Attitude: 9 (More than accommodating to requests, but she also takes the lead.)

Regret: None (I am glad I booked her, and would do so again.)

Repeat: Yes


Re: The beautiful Chantelle of Mirage

Just logging off and read your review, you have the smarts to have great YMMV.

“Poisson dans moi pantaloon” I said in a sexy voice.

With a slight smile, she quickly ushered me into the shower. I am not sure why, but I think I was smooth.

You did and said the right things, good for you. Great fricking review of this babe


Well-known member
Joined Nov 4, 2009
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Re: The beautiful Chantelle of Mirage

Excellent review Tank. Love those French Canadian ladies. RL


Joined Dec 6, 2009
Messages 531
Re: The beautiful Chantelle of Mirage

RedLight said:
Excellent review Tank. Love those French Canadian ladies. RL

One of my first hobbying experiences was with a French Canadian, and it was a VERY BAD experience. I have avoided them until lately. Chantelle and Sebelle have completely changed my attitude. I would see both again!



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Joined Nov 12, 2009
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Re: The beautiful Chantelle of Mirage

Great review thetank. She's a gem.


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Joined Nov 27, 2009
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Re: The beautiful Chantelle of Mirage

Another great review tank popped a bonner ;)

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