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The Amazing Race (Part 2-The Return to Mirage)(Day 1)

Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is from my POV.
Britney, Kate& Julia were in my movie and my penis was the star!

Once the St. Paddy’s date had been confirmed, I put the Amazing Race part 2 into action! I contacted Taylor at Mirage, and we made arrangements for this event! I also asked Taylor if I could get a ride on the Mirage bus!

The morning of my adventure, it was off to the barber shop for a trim of the top and the back! Pick up a few essentials. Then it was home to trim my boys to ensure that BLS could be facilitated, quick shower, and I made my way into Toronto and check into my hotel which was conveniently located close to all the tourist attractions;)

The first stop on this race was to locate the lovely BRITNEY! Britney easily resembles Charlize Theron or Alicia Cuthbert

Britney is a little self conscious because she is statuesque, and well I’m vertically challenged. I said, “Britney don’t worry because we’re all the same size horizontally.” And I planned on being horizontal with her! Britney and I adjourned to the bourdoir; we disrobed each other slowly and let me say that she had “Kisses sweeter than wine.” Britney wandered my body with her tongue and paid special attention to the royal wand and crown jewels. In fact, Britney can do this! She’s a star and I have a special pet name for her, but I can’t share that with you. However, if you can finish this line, then you’ll know what it is: J.Edgar ------? I tickled, taunted and teased Britney by placing a blindfold just over her lovely eyes, and she could remove it anytime that she wanted. She kept it on to intensify the sensations.

Britney wanted more and was eager to have me inside of her I We engaged each other in various positions of bedroom MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sharing the top and bottom! There was no tapping out only submission during this main event! While spooning with this sex kitten, I was able to prove that we are the same size horizontally. She is playful and wonderful , and I will definitely visit again!

As our adventure was ending, we called Taylor to find out the location of my next stop on the Amazing Race part 2. Taylor had bad news the young lady wasn’t going to be available, but Taylor asked me if I would like to visit Kate. I said, “Absolutely!” Britney giggled and said, “You’re a maniac.” We kissed and I was off to my next destination! Britney said, “Have a good day at work dear!”

Wow, I’ve got an hour to get to location #2 or be eliminated from the amazing race. Into a taxi, the driver asks, “Where to sir.” I replied, “Take me to the corner of LUST and SENSUALITY!” So what happens when Kate and HOF mix, you have a recipe for making love!

The Kitten Kate! Wow, I had no idea what a vixen she was going to be! Kate is incredible, soft features, petite frame, perfect assets and a magical kisser! Kate made it very clear that she wanted to kiss me! How could I resist her she’s simply irresistible!

Kate certainly keeps the tradition of French beauties that grace us in Southern Ontario. She traced my body with her tongue performing her magic on my thick stick.

Lying on her side, Kate said, “What you waiting for, get over here and kiss me deadly

Who am I to argue with a sex kitten? I gently kissed and caressed Kate from head to toe, only to stop so I could nibble on her thighs and watch her squirm. We engaged in some more kiss me deadly. Then, at my request, Kate turned over and I expertly unsnapped her brassiere and caressed my way to her hips. Slowly sliding her panties off to see that perfect derriere, Kate arched herself upwards to I could taste front and back! I was able to move under Kate so she could reciprocate the pleasure to my manhood.

Hmmm, sorry, I just got lost in the moment of remembering how Kate stimulated my HOFsicle! Kate looked into my eyes and said, “I want you now!” She slightly gasped as I entered her honey hole and our bodies meshed as one for an eternity, and it is true Rhythm is a dancer! And she danced all over me!

When we had completed our TUMMY Tango, the judges gave us 10’s across the board!

Day 1’s goals had been achieved!


Well, it’s day 2, the day of the St. Paddy’s party, and I’ve got a big day planned with the lovely ladies of Mirage. A quick call to Taylor for verification and I’m hiking to see one of my ATF’s (Pocohontas aka Poc-a-hot-ass!) If only that was true! My next victim, I mean casualty, oops I really mean incredibly sexy chic is JULIA! I fell for Julia at the Xmas gathering, and I have to be cautious not to get in too deep and Julia is like warm cherry pie, so tasty!

As I approach the door, I can hear her heels tappin on the floor and I get a warm tingly feeling that not long from now, I’ll be tappin’ Poc-a-hot-ass! Now Julia and I have carnel knowledge of each other, and when I enter, I say. “I honey I’m home!”

Julia smiled, passionately kissed me, looked into my eyes and said HOFdaddy, it is a time for a love revolution! You know I always say, “Make love not war!”

Now, Julia is Italian and I just fumble the ball around Italian women. They drive me insane with lustful emotions. Julia is right at the top of my nut metre! And I really enjoy when she plays with my walnuts!

If you have not met Julia, she is gorgeous, 5’4, 115, hot buns and natural D fun bags. I have described her as Alyssa Milano, but I also believe Julia to be the next best thing! Yes, When you see Nikki Leonti in the black dress, that is Julia! She believes in LUST at first sight!

Truly she embodies beauty, humour, intelligence and sensuality into her repertoire of sexual magnificence. Her lips are like red, red wine
Now having done the horizontal hustle previously, we moved together like sexual champions going for consecutive wins, front to front, side to side and front to back! Now, we got the beat

While spooning, Julia exclaims, “Faster, harder, deeper, c’mon baby.” Our bodies are soaked with perspiration. Our breathing is heavy and we hold each other tightly. I can feel Mt. HOF getting ready to erupt, and Julia senses this too. She pushes me onto my back, engulfs me while gently tickling the jewels. I move her onto her back and she pushes those amazing fun bags together. Julia’s breasts are sweaty and her nipples are erect; they look like mountains. Let’s call them Mt. Julia and HOF’s volcano bursts and erupts coating Mt. Julia with hot, sticky HOF lava!

We crash onto the bed, both still shaking and catching our breath, embraced tightly while I watch my lava stream down Mt. Julia! What a way to start the day! She is magnificent!
Julia and I are chatting while cuddling, and she politely asks, “HOF, who’s next!” We giggled and I replied do you really want to know? Yes, she said! I reply Abby. Julia giggles and says, “You know I’ll be here too.” So I’m thinking to myself-DUO! Julia and I engage in a wonderful kiss until we meet again, and as I’m leaving she says, “Hurry home dear!”

So, I am wandering back to my hotel, and I’m just looking around when I start to laugh. I’ve been there, there, there, there and there LMAO! So, I arrive back at my hotel (not the waverly) and a quick bite to eat, a couple bottles of pineapple juice. LOL Now, it’s a 5/10 walk from my hotel to the bit of paradise on the Amazing Race Part 2, day 2, and I call Taylor and everything is good. Awesome, I finally get to meet Abby!

I’m standing at the corner FUN & FROLIC, located just outside of the watering hole, and I can’t take my eyes off of this young blonde, she’s maybe 5’2, busty in her tight pink jacket and equally tight jeans, with sunglasses on and talking into her cell phone. We subtly pass by one another through the cross walk and I stopped and to look back, and I think to myself. NO, that’s not her; she’s going the wrong way!

Now, I’m wandering the hallway to the pleasure palace, and here the heels coming towards the door, and I’m really excited. The door opens, and I walk in and it slowly closes behind me; it’s JULIA but she’s not smiling. Julia says, “HOF, Taylor needs to talk with you, Abby just left.” I giggled and asked was she wearing a pink jacket and jeans. Julia said, “Did you pass her here?” I said no I passed her at the corner and laughed! Taylor is beside herself on the phone and she asks me what would I like to do. Well, I giggled, raised my eyebrow, winked at Julia and said, “Let’s get it on!”

Julia giggles and says “Really.” I said to Taylor over the phone, with a big smile on my face as I’m looking at Julia, “Abby’s loss is certainly my gain!” Julia blushes and smiles. Taylor asks to speak to Julia. While they’re talking, I’m gazing at Julia’s sexiness in her succulent dress. She smiles at me and I hear her say to Taylor, “Don’t you worry Taylor, I’m going to take really good care of my man!” Julia ends the call approaches me and takes my hand; she softly kisses me and whispers into my ear, “Let’s get it started, I want to feel your base thumpin’, pumpin’ and humpin’ me baby!”

Julia and I are so well acquainted, and we had already played earlier in the day. Julia asks, “HOF, how do you do it, your boys just get reloaded so fast!” I say Julia check this out from the 3:00-4:51 mark!

Julia’s reply was just like the HEAD nurse! DUDE! She is truly a wonderful young woman.

She asked me if I was attending the St. Paddy’s party. I said, Babygirl, I’m riding on the magic mirage bus and we planned a little ice-breaker game for the ride there! Stay tuned for that review, it will be titled Mirage, the Magic Bus!

Thank you Andy & Taylor for helping make the Amazing Race Part 2 come together!


Camera crew! Hmmm, maybe next time, and I can put it into syndication on showcase.

Secret diaries of a Hobbyist in TO!


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ChaosTheory said:
@#$% HOF! Nice work on all fronts!
you should have had a camera crew following you

LOL I would have followed him for free, what a go Hof very impressed.


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lights, camera, reviews. fun read. :)


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Read part one after reading part two not sure if I would have survived you are one of a kind Hof.


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Wow, that was a long read, enjoyable but so loooooooong. BTW I am referring to the review's length not Hof Jr. :lol:

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