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Enric Sala: Glimpses of a pristine ocean is a must see by all. Thank you Ahahooper.

Lauren Summerhill

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A great organization!

A great organization!

TED is wonderful. It's a non-profit organization that challenges professionals of all fields to "give the speech of their lifetime" They have from 15 min to one hour to do so. The concept: Ideas Worth Spreading.

They also have conferences that are well worth attending. An annual one is held in California, they also have a global one, which I believe is hosted by different countries each year.

Some Great TED talks:

On the use of Suspended Animation in trauma:

On Mass Extinctions:

Jane Goodall One What Separates Us From Apes:

Oliver Sacks: What hallucination reveals about our minds:

On Creativity and Nurturing Genius:

String Theory:

Stephen Hawking asks big questions about the universe:


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Here's one for you inner child Lauren. ;)

I've posted it before but it's still one of my favorite talks.


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ahahooper said:
kyra, you may like this one. i found this one inspirational.
you may recognize this guy as a popular internet wine enthusiast, now entrepreneur.
he is all over youtube doing mini wine tasting. he is very very good.

I hadn't seen that one yet but it's fantastic, I wonder why more people don't do what they love.

As a related link did you see the Ze Frank Nerdcore comedy?

Have you seen this one yet? It's another favorite that someone passed on to me.
The link above is from the speakers personal site as I think the sound quality is better, this is the actual TED talk.
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